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The natural advantage of the Guangzhou team is just that Kerjezhi China Derby really has to see!

After the two consecutive defeats of Guangzhou, the situation is going in the direction of people’s predictions before the game: China Derby, which is against Hong Kong Jiezhi, is still the key event that the Guangzhou team is most likely to score goals.

Jiezhi won 2-0 victory over Tai Port, and Thai Port won 3-0 in Guangzhou. In this way, Jiezhi can’t win Guangzhou 5-0? It’s okay to talk about laughter, so it is not necessary. Jie Zhi Neng defeated Thai Port. He mainly blame Thai -Port himself to be huge, and he lost his shot boots on the venue of his country. And Jie Zhi’s group of veterans, how much it is to be able to resist, if he is divided into strong and weak at the rate of control, Thai Port will still be better than Jie Zhi.

Guangzhou is now the biggest weakness, and these two goals are fully reflected. That is, the defense hardness of the rear defense line is not enough, and young players have no advantage in competing for air power. This must be completely used by Jie Zhi. Headers such as Deyan Ailio, coupled with a large number of European and American nationals and European and American foreign aids, it is a bit miserable. Hong Kong Jiezhi uses the special advantage of this team to bully our Guangzhou team’s development. The Han children in place.

What can I do? In the past few days of Thailand, the Guangzhou team members could not skyrocket their collective muscle strength. Except for gritting their teeth, they gave up a little pursuit except the offensive.

but! Jie Zhi’s biggest weakness may be our biggest advantage. In the main lineup of Jie Zhi, there are many post -80s players, and basically they are the kind of European and American naturalization and foreign aid. The big brother in the local player is Huang Yang, who is almost 38 years old. Jie Zhi coach Zhu Zhiguang, after defeating Thailand, said that under the frequent schedule, how to rotate Jie Zhi is a big problem. Back in Guangzhou for two consecutive rounds, you can be sure of major changes in the deployment of Jiezhi lineup.

In the Guangzhou team, there are few post -90s. The others are after 00. The invincible age part of the youth is a newborn calf, and a brain is rushing. In fact, the Guangzhou team players have no league experience, and the author does not know how they are physically fit. They just judge them in accordance with conventional judgments. This leader, with Jie Zhi, who played against Jiezhi, especially the second goal, even if you scored a ball, you can have a miracle?

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