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The National Sports Director Meeting was held!Gao Zhidan: Strengthen the “Three Balls” work

Reporter Cheng Shan reported that on December 27th, the National Sports Director’s Meeting was held in Beijing on December 27. The meeting comprehensively summarized the achievements of the development of the sports industry since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the work in 2022.The main points of key areas and key links, and the coordination and coordination will be deployed in 2023. Among them, there are many contents of three major goals, especially football.

The National Sports Director’s Meeting at the end of the year is a tradition. The director of the General Administration of Sports will be deployed in addition to the summary.

At this year’s meeting, Gao Zhidan, director of the General Administration of Sports, made a work report. When reviewing the results of 2022, the reform and development of “continuous promotion of” three major balls “and other ball projects were mentioned, and the promotion of the” Chinese women’s football reform and development and developmentPlan (2022-2035) “, prepare for the reform and development symposium of basketball and volleyball projects, conduct extensive investigations, and promote the implementation of various reform measures.”

Then mentioned that youth sports are continuously strengthened, “the first Chinese youth football league is held to promote the implementation of physical education integration to deeper areas. Implement the new cycle of the national high -level sports backup talent base., Gymnastics, Ice and Snow Sports and other projects to carry out key layouts, promote the construction of key cities in football in the country, and consolidate the foundation of sports backup talents. “

Gao Zhidan said that the reform of the field of sports has entered the “deep water zone”. There are still some difficulties and blockage points in the association’s physical reform, professional sports development, and revitalizing the “three big goals”. The modernization of sports governance systems and governance capabilities needs to be accelerated.When it comes to the reform of “accelerating the construction of sports power and promoting key areas and key links, Gao Zhidan said that” take practical measures to strengthen the “three big goals” work. “

Gao Zhidan said that the party group of the General Administration of Sport should further strengthen the coordination of the leadership of the “three major balls”, comprehensively implement the “General Plan for China’s Football Reform and Development and Development”, play the role of direction, the overall situation, and implementationEstablishment.Give full play to the advantages of the national system, actively coordinate and promote the leadership of the local party committee and government to strengthen the work of the “three major balls”, and use the guidance in infrastructure construction, professional club reform, national team building and management, youth training base construction, and youth reserve talent trainingeffect.He also pointed out:

“It is necessary to strengthen the construction of associations such as football, basketball, give full play to the active promotion role of the association’s reform, further improve the rules and regulations and governance capabilities, further mobilize social vitality and reform momentum, further strengthen the management of the association’s personnel, give full play to the” “the association in the project development”Dynamic role. Actively coordinate relevant parties and implement various measures to implement the “General Plan for China Football Reform and Development” and “Chinese Women’s Football Reform and Development Plan (2022-2035)” one by one.

It is necessary to follow the “three big goals” development laws, adhere to the combination of national conditions and reference, the combination of the long -term and consolidation of the foundation, the combination of innovation reconstruction and the governance of the problem, the national system and the market mechanismImprove.

Starting from the management and training style of teams at all levels, the national team must play a leading role.It is necessary to build a national team with superb technology, abundant physical fitness, and strong style, and lead the development of revitalization.

To strengthen physical fitness and physical fitness, leagues at all levels must have standardized physical fitness and technical indicators.The training intensity has come up, and there is a real foundation for fighting.It is necessary to earnestly implement the requirements of building a national team that can fight for good and good style, take effective measures, strengthen the spirit of the motherland’s supremacy and the spirit of fighting for the country, and improve the comprehensive strength and actual combat level.

It is necessary to establish open thinking and international perspectives. By inviting in and going out, we will take the initiative to integrate into the trend of world development, fully draw on successful experiences such as Japan and South Korea, and promote the comprehensive improvement of league, youth training and training.It is necessary to stabilize the reform of the professional league, innovate the management system and operating mechanism of the league, further improve the league management system, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, and ensure the healthy and stable development of the league.

It is necessary to persist in the youth training, through the adjustment of the National Games policy, mobilize the investment in the cultivation of the “three big goals” backup talents, and systematically do a good job of training, competition, coaches and other key links to form a complete reserve talent training systemEssence”

It can be seen that Gao Zhidan has requirements for all aspects of the three major balls including football.

For football, Gao Zhidan attaches great importance to it. In September this year, at the beginning of his office, he went to the Chinese Football Association for investigation, emphasizing that he must deeply understand the spiritual style, team status and management capabilities in the development of football.At that time, Gao Zhidan also requested that he must unify his mind and the determination and confidence of the tree to fight against the football.

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