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The National Games Sailing Decisive 9 Golden Paris Olympic Games newly added items to compete for fierce

On September 10th, the Fourteenth National Games Sailing Competition (Weifang Division) finals successfully received sails in Weifang, Shandong. After 7 days of fierce competition, the gold medals of 9 small items were attributable to the end.

Olympic players played well to win the gold medal

Male and Women’s Women’s Ridge RS: In terms of X -level, men’s players and Tokyo Olympic bronze winners Bi Yan locked the gold medal of the National Games 2 rounds in advance and won the gold medal for Hainan Province. The second and third places are Chen Hao from Zhejiang and Gao Mengfan from Sichuan. Women’s Women’s Breakfast RS: The competition of X -level competition is fierce, and the final championship is not decided until the last round. In the end, Lu Yunxiu won the championship, and the second and third places came from Yan Yan and Shi Hongmei from Zhejiang.

In the 17th level of the Men and women’s mixed, the Olympic player, Yang Xuezhe/Hu Xiaoxiao from Zhejiang and Shanghai, and Guangdong player Mai Huicong/Chen Linlin’s general score and net score, but Yang Xuezhe/Hu Xiaoxiao finally made the final last. The first round of scoring was the final place in the end, winning the championship, Mai Huicong/Chen Linlin ranked second, and Shandong player Ding Mingcheng/Wang Yixuan won the third place.

In the women’s 49erfx competition, the Olympic player Chen Shasha/Jin Yan also won the championship. The second and third places are Qiu Xiaoming/Yu Xuebin from Fujian and Hu Xiaoyu/Single Dreaming Fate in Shandong.

In the men’s 49er competition, Shandong player Ding Mingliang/Liu Tian wins at the door of his home. Shanghai player Wang Xin/Xiang Chao won the second place, and the third place was obtained by Zhejiang player Hong Wei/Zhou Zhibo.

The competition for the new items of the Paris Olympic Games -Wing Wings of Wing, Wing Wing Kite Board is also extremely fierce. The rankings of the top three players have always been replaced alternately, and the “plot” can be described as ups and downs. In the men’s wingwing windson competition, Li Tao from Zhejiang defeated Liaoning player Jiang Jiaxin, and Chi Qingbin from the Inner Mongolia team won the third place. In terms of women’s wing wings, Guangdong players Zheng Manjia, Shandong player Du Jie and Sichuan player Ma Jiao won the top three.

In the men’s wing kite kite competition, Fujian player Huang Qibin won the championship with a great advantage. Shandong player Zhang Haoran and Guangdong player Wu Yanyan won two or three. In terms of women’s wing kite kite board, Shandong player Liu Chenxue won the championship with a 1 point advantage. Fujian player Chen Jingle ranked second, and the third place was won by Shandong player Li Kewen.

Science and technology help competition is safe and orderly

At the moment of the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of high -tech have quietly sneaked into major sports events, becoming a powerful backing for providing security, impartial punishment for the event, or promoting athletes for the event. Essence In this National Games Sailing Competition, the trajectory was introduced simultaneously to ensure that the sailing competition is more secure and fair and fair.

In the sailing competition, from the perspective of the competition organization, the trajectory system has two major functions. The first is the security function, which is also the basic function. In this National Games sailing competition, each ship including athletes, including athletes and referees, is installed with a “positioning module” – “Little Orange Box”, which can ensure that the organizing committee can understand the entire field at any time. The dynamics of the bar ship are avoided due to some extremely bad weather, which provides basic security guarantee for the event; the second function is to assist the competition organization. In this National Games sailing competition, the trajectory system can be punished for ecstasy and trial. provide support. In addition, this organizing committee introduced video screens for the first time on the basis of the trajectory system -special video shooting records were arranged on the arbitration ships such as arbitration ships and simultaneously synchronized to the trajectory system, so that the entire field environment basically was basically in the field environment. There is no dead ends to better guarantee the fairness and fairness of the event.

For athletes, there are a lot of very valuable data information behind each round. The back -end data analysis system of the trajectory system can make the collected environmental data and positioning data based on the “small orange box”, model, process and analyze the data, and use standardized data to process the value of. For the first time in this competition, the players have given the game data analysis to help the players summarize the competition. Wang Xiangsheng, the head of Fish Sports, the head of video system technology with the contest trajectory of the National Games, introduced: “The application of this trajectory system in the competition will provide more data basis for the post -match training of various teams and athletes. Athletes can look back at their own game trajectory and download their own game data analysis. The game data itself has great significance for the event, and the analysis behind these data can also provide a reference for the team’s future training mode improvement. In a sense, it will further promote the progress of the domestic competitive sailing. “

8 small competitions in Ningbo Division are about to start soon

The Fourteenth National Games Sailing Competition (Ningbo Division) Qualification Tournament and Finals will start on September 14th. A total of men’s laser levels, women laser laser Raydir class, Finnish class, male, female 470, men and women mixed The 470 -level group is long -distance, women’s windsurfing RS: X -level long -distance and obstacle smoothness, women laser laser Reyir -class long -distance race 8 small items.

Ningbo Division Competition Position -Ningbo Xiangshan Asian Sailing Center is the place where the 19th Asian Games Sailing Washema Project was held in 2022. The project area covers an area of ​​15.3 hectares and 47 hectares. Bases and port ponds can accommodate 800 to 1,000 berths. The scientific layout and refined functional partition will not only meet the needs of the competition, but also provide more high -quality competition services for participants, coaches, technical officials, and news media. In order to do a good job of the National Games this year and the Asian Games next year, Xiangshan has “riven” in all preparations: refine the security solutions in the fields of transportation, logistics, catering, security, etc. Zhejiang Province Sailing Basin Referee Training Course Reserve professional talents for the Asian Games and National Games sailing competitions; adopt the method of “please come in and go out”, form a team to study in many places, invite experts to lead the field inspections, guide the competition to organize the preparations Work, etc. After Weifang Binhai, let’s look at Xiangshan, Ningbo!

Attached to the 14th National Games Sailing Competition (Weifang Division) competition results:

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