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The National Football Selection Handsome Process has started three programs.

Reporter Chen Yong reports that at present, the U20 national team and the U17 national team have started training, and the preparations of the U22 national team and U24 (99 age section of Asian Games) will also be performed as planned, but the national team’s selection of handsome work has not yet made progress, and it has also allowed the national team to make progress.The outside world is full of doubts about the construction of the national team.The news from the reporter shows that the national team is currently inclined to hire a new outstanding foreign coach, which will undoubtedly increase the time of choosing handsome, especially the difficulty of completing the choice of choice before the Spring Festival.However, the national team’s preparation plan will not be affected. In early February, the national team will gather on time. In March, the national team will go to New Zealand to practice in accordance with the plan.Lead the team.

In November last year, the Chinese Football Association started the hands -in -chief work of the national team. At that time, there were three plans.After the Asian Games, lead the national team; second, Li Xiaopeng continues to serve as the head coach of the national team. In addition, there is no plan to plan for other local coaches for the time being.The more familiar foreign coaches are preferred.

However, after continuous demonstration, including the national team’s preparation work conference in early December, the current direction of the National Football Team has also changed new changes. First of all, the plan of Yangkovic and the head coach of the Asian Games team is basically rejected.There are two aspects. On the one hand, the records of the two teams will have mutual influence. Holden and Iwanke Weicch are a lesson in front.Two teams can only cause problems with both teams.

Secondly, considering the current situation in all aspects, the options of local coaches will not be the focus of consideration.However, Li Xiaopeng’s comprehensive business capabilities were still widely recognized. After all, there were multiple factors in the failure of the national team’s top 12.In addition, Li Xiaopeng has a wide range of influence in the Chinese football circle, and the coordination ability is particularly excellent. To this end, the Chinese Football Association intends to let Li Xiaopeng serve as the technical director or the leader of the Chinese coaching group.Essence

At present, the Chinese Football Association mainly considers the options of new foreign teachers. There are several aspects of its standards, such as coaches who are familiar with or basically understand Chinese football, or coaches who are familiar with Asian football.Understand, there are more common languages in management and communication.

The reporter also learned that the Chinese Football Association has started related work and has begun communication with relevant candidates.

However, there are many related restrictions that new foreign head coaches have received. In addition to negotiating problems such as treatment and other related conditions, another problem is that the current target candidates still face the competition of other Asian national teams, especially the current Asia on Asia.The World Cup teams such as Qatar and South Korea are looking for foreign coaches. Because the national teams have selected similar standards, the target candidates also compete, and they have also created very difficult difficulties for the Chinese national team’s choice of handsomeness.

It should be said that the direction of choosing a new outstanding foreign coach is also a general recognition of fans.

Considering the difficulty of choosing handsome at present, it is very difficult to complete the hands -in -chief work before the Spring Festival, but the preparation of the national team will not be affected. According to the plan, early February after the Spring Festival, the national team will officially concentrate, passing a one after a one, after a one, after a one, after a one, after a one, after a one, a national team will pass through a one.After the training at the stage, in March, the national team will practice in New Zealand, and the relevant plans have been improved.As for the candidates for the team, Li Xiaopeng may lead the team as the technical director or the leader of the Chinese coach group. In this way, if the head coach of the national team is officially determined in the future, it can also be seamlessly connected.

According to the plan, in 2023, the national team will participate in more international competitions. In addition to visiting New Zealand in March, the Chinese Football Association intends to invite European teams to come to China and the national team to warm up.What I have to say is that after nearly a year of “silence”, the national football team has gradually returned to the right track.

The main task of the Chinese national team in 2023 is to participate in the second stage of the second stage of the World Cup in the 2026 World Cup in November 2023.Strong competitions and subsequent playoffs will decide the final World Cup.

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  1. Still tm to practice abroad, are you sick?Travel plus sea cucumber

  2. Real Madexing!

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    TheFengyunoverthecityofMilan 1月 8, 2023 at 2:13 上午

    How can that foreign teacher be brought to these players in China?It is better to designate a 20 -year plan to cultivate young domestic coaches

  4. I also need coach Mao, go directly to the prison to select 11 shots and kick the field. Maybe there are good results

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    ||EnglishFiveEmperors47340 1月 8, 2023 at 2:13 上午

    I have been full of snoring, what should I do?

  6. Bridge is the back road of the bridge. The adjustment fee was made by Cai Pingbing in 17 years. Chen Yiyuan had a hair relationship with the Football Association at that time. He had never seen the money at all after taking office.

  7. Luo Guofu and Alan are all on the stage.

  8. Grasp the foundation, grasp the echelon, and grasp the spirit

  9. Now we first change the football association, that is, change the leader, this is the top priority.Otherwise, you will not be invited to a suitable foreign teacher, but delay the national football team because you cannot quit him in a hurry.If you have to ask, only the most suitable for Austrian fat, nothing else.

  10. Stokovic, beautiful football!

  11. Give 10 million Euros will not come to China

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