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The moment of the vertical champion: Yang Dingxin combined boxing inverted Zhenzhen (multi -spectrum)

Yang Ding’s new nine paragraphs

Recently, the courses of the championship class entered the “mid -market”. In the course, the mentor Peng Quan deeply analyzed the LG Cup semi -finals in China Yang Dingxin defeated South Korea’s Shen Zhenyu. Among them, Yang Dingxin’s long -term planning at the official stage made the students amazing. It was this combination of boxing that made Yang Dingxin lock the final victory.

Finally passed the level of Shen Zhenyu

The situation of this game has always been very stuck. Until the time when she was in the black, the gap was actually not large. The black board surface was 5 meters, which was difficult to sticker. The key to the victory and defeat of the chess game is the middle official. Yang Dingxin White has a step -by -step head, a chess chess chess, and finally locks the victory. The key to this step may be that Yang Dingxin laid a foreshadowing before dozens of hands. The seemingly inadvertent tricks before and after the last was to see the poverty -stricken dagger at the end.

Figure 1: 1, 3 all the way to the upper right corner of White (full spectrum white chess 134, 136 hands), in addition to being a highly valuable inverse officials, it also left some flavor for the black air, which later, for the later, for the later, for the later The story was buried.

Figure 2: Black threatened to contact White. White 1 turned all the way, reversed the officer, and indirectly made up. At this time, Shen Zhenyu was still in the drum.

Figure 3: The chess game enters the courses. White 1, 3, and 5 seem to be ordinary generals, and there is no chess for the time being for the time being. But when Bai’s 7 digits were posted, Yang Dingxin’s previous layouts were connected in series.

Figure 4: Shen Zhen 谞 Hei 1 is crowded, and he wants to surround the center to the greatest extent. I did not expect that White can be in the two positions at this time (full spectrum 196 hands). Black didn’t dare to break, otherwise Bai 4 stickers, and Black’s murderousness was going to happen.

Figure 5: Blacks had to be repaired. White contacted, Black Honesty shrank greatly. White has gained a lot of gains, but even so in the end Yang Dingxin’s advantage is not great, this game of chess is actually very thrilling.

From the beginning of 134, the killing opportunity was hidden, and the picture of the 196 pictures was poor. Yang Dingxin finally completely knocked down Shen Zhenxuan through this set of large combined fists that spans more than 60 hands. The vital victory.

Peng Quan interpreted the competition

“Youdao Champions Champion Class” is a top course built by Taoism. It is selected and invited to join the high -level new generation Go teenagers through competitions, and equipped them with special customized high -level Go courses and training programs for one year. Help the best Go teenagers on the next level and achieve good results in various competitions.

The first person in Chinese Go, the eight -crowned king Ke Jie’s nine -section, the famous chess player, Peng Quan seven seven sections of the third place of the Chunlan Cup, the World Double Championship, the three paragraphs of Fan Weijing, technical guidance of the game “Chess Soul”, and multiple Go games The veteran of the world jointly formed the lineup of the Taoist Champions League instructor, answering questions from the students from all aspects of technology, culture, and technology.

Although there is only one champion, the quality of the champion can be possessed. This is the teaching concept of the championship class. Through the study of the Go championship class, the students’ overall view, self -confidence, frustration and victory and defeat have been comprehensively improved.

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    Xiaomalovestobedazed186 24 11 月, 2022 at 5:53 上午

    This is simple, just try it yourself

  2. The biggest news of Go is the current news that it has defeated Xiao Shen.

  3. The tick in the upper right corner is obviously a bad chess, but you have to applaud, this is wrong.

  4. Wang Dingxin continues![Praise]

  5. I hope Yang Dingxin won the LG Cup championship!Perhaps this is unfair to Ding Hao, but my principle is that when the two or three people entered the semi -finals, the person who played the strongest chess player in foreign countries, I hope he can win the championship in the end!

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