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The men’s two -color ball 359 million with the sunglasses mask lead a prize and rejected a reporter to the scene


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Editor’s note: On the 7th of the World Cup, I will continue to review the 100 million yuan awards in the domestic lottery market today! Today’s protagonist is very long. He was the winner of 359 million yuan in the two -color ball in 2009. He was also the highest winner of the Cai City at the time. It is understood that he only appeared in the 19th day after winning the prize, attached great importance to his identity, refused to be present, and wore masks and sunglasses to protect his privacy.

On October 27, 2009, Beijing time, the two -color ball nearly 359 million giant winners appeared alone in the Henan Welfare Lottery Management Center, quietly led the prize in extremely confidential situations. What is the winner of the winner, where is it? Why do I use a double -cast method? The Henan Provincial Welfare Lottery Issuance Center held a press conference to introduce the basic situation and redeeming process of the prize winner.

Single -knife reporters “absence” for two and a half hours

According to Li Guangyun, deputy director of the Provincial Fucai Center, Mr. An (pseudonym), Mr. An (pseudonym) of the 359 million yuan winners, first called the Henan Welfare Lottery Issuance Center to propose a prize application, and agreed to go to the Provincial Fucai Center at noon on October 27 to go through the re -prize procedures. Although the staff of the Fucai Center had communicated with them, because the winners clearly expressed their unwillingness to disclose their identities, the Fucai Center could only do sufficient security and confidentiality.

At 11:45 on October 27, 2009, Mr. An came to the Provincial Fucai Center. The Provincial Fucai Center immediately opened a lot of prizes to pay the green channel. It is said that the entire process was carried out under the supervision of the responsible comrades of the relevant departments, and all participants signed a confidentiality commitment. After dual verification of the data machine room of the Provincial Fucai Center and the National Fucai Center data machine room, the winning lottery was determined, and the re -prize was proceeded. The relevant procedures were completed at 14:10. The remaining bonuses are paid by a check method.

The entire redeeming process lasted nearly two and a half hours, and no reporters were present at the redeeming prize. Mr. An adopted the protection measures of wearing masks and sunglasses, with a good mentality and calm manner.

Donated 10 million yuan 70 million yuan taxes to Anyang

According to reports, Mr. An is a middle -aged man and a businessman in Anyang. Before the re -prize procedures, Mr. An said that he donated RMB 10 million to Henan Charity Federation from the winning prize. The 9 -year -old girl of uremia is dreaming, and the specific matters are fully commissioned by the Provincial Charity Federation and the Provincial Fucai Center.

After the pre -tax donation, the Provincial Fucai Center handled the accident tax for the winners of the winners. According to the personal income tax law, the state exempts the income tax of the donor donation. The original tax deduction was 7.1996 million yuan, and the actual tax deduction was 69.996 million yuan, and the tax was exempt from 2 million yuan.

Buy 1,000 yuan to buy 4 lottery tickets 88 times betting and hollowing the prize pool

In response to the problem of buying in society, Mr. An said that he has bought lottery tickets for more than 3 years and has a soft spot for the “double color ball” of the welfare lottery. Due to good economic conditions, he often uses double investment betting, and sometimes 50 times and 100 times betting. At noon on October 8, 2009, Mr. An at the Fucai Betting Station, No. 41050075 downstairs in Zhuang Jianxing, Meiyuan, Anyang. Essence Mr. An estimated that the total amount of the two -color ball prize pool in the current period can reach 400 million yuan, so he decided to use more than 80 times the betting pool. Because the betting multiple betting multiple of Henan Fucai dual color ball is limited to 50 times, he used the machine to select a bet and repeated 44 times to complete the betting. Essence

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