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The men’s number of 1.21 million in 10 years intends to surprise the family

Recently, Mr. Zhou (Hua’s surname) in Dongguan Changping has been high, because he insisted on the two -year -old number of the double -color ball, and finally had a good feedback -on November 10th, Mr. Zhou won 5 second prizes at the 44100880 sales outlets in Dongguan 44100880 Essence

The conservative number ten years won 5 bets and two prizes of 1.21 million

On November 10th, the 2022129th Phase of the Fucai Two -color Ball was awarded. In the current period, a total of 102 second prizes in the country won the second prize. Guangdong won the second prize of 16 of them, and the single bonus was 242,633 yuan. The 44100880 sales outlets in Changping Town, Dongguan, have 5 times the second prize of 5 times the second prize of the two bets for two bets, and the total bonus is more than 1.21 million yuan.

On the morning of the 14th, Mr. Zhou, from Dongguan Changping, came to Dongguan Fucai Center alone to take the second prize of more than 1.21 million yuan.

When the staff asked him to get a basketball, he could win the first prize of the first prize of 5 bets, and Mr. Zhou said happily: “The second prize in the middle of the prize is already very powerful. Moreover A big prize, how can you regret it? “

It is understood that Mr. Zhou has been exposed to Fucai for ten years. Starting with a two -color ball lottery ticket by accident ten years ago, he bought a two -color ball lottery ticket, and he bought it for a while. From the beginning, it was a pity and annoyance in the first issue of the big prize. Over time, he slowly found that he would be better to “luck”.

Mr. Zhou changed his strategy and changed his number from each issue to the selection of several sets of numbers to fix the number.

Mr. Zhou said with a smile: “I have always had 5 sets of numbers, and several sets of numbers have won some small prizes from time to time. I have won the third prize before, because now the two -color ball has a lot of prizes, I will divide into a few lottery tickets to buy. I didn’t expect one of them to win. This time, the second prize of the “progress” made me more confident in these sets. I think I can go further soon. “

Mr. Zhou said that his family knows that he has the habit of buying lottery tickets and has always been more supportive. He feels that dozens of yuan can be done with your dreams.

This time, Mr. Zhou did not tell his family the good news until the moment he redeemed the award. He planned to buy a big gift to surprise his family after getting the bonus, and then tell the family the good news.

The two -color ball 1.2 billion major award -winning activity is hot in progress

The annual, as scheduled! Public welfare temperature, value upgrade! In 2022, China Welfare Lottery Two -color Ball 1.2 billion prize -winning event was fierce. Starting from the 2022125 (November 1, 2022), the two -color ball game launched the 2022 two -color ball game award, with a prize prize of 1.2 billion yuan.

During the event, the awards were doubled, and the single bet could be won 20 million. Public welfare, passion for love, gaining surprise, lucky you! Please pay attention to the event details.

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