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The men’s birthday group number won the 7.44 million yuan against the prize to donate 100,000


Winning winner to receive prizes

“One month, I am looking forward to it and happy.” Recently, Mr. Li (pseudonym), the winner of the two -color ball award in Yanjin County, Xinxiang City, appeared to take a two -color ball award of 7.44 million yuan.At the same time, he also donated 100,000 yuan to Xinxiang Charity Federation for returning to society.

The data shows that Mr. Li’s big prize lottery is a duplex 6+2 votes, with a bet amount of 4 yuan. It is from 41570606 Betting Station in Xiaokang Village, Jianlu, Yanjin County, Xinxiang City.


Winning lottery

According to reports, he has purchased the lottery for many years, and every time the two -color ball awarding day will buy a number he chose. This time he uses the duplex “6+2” betting method.Dream of awards.

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