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The man’s fishing was suddenly attacked by a crocodile and the red -handed fist was repelled

Australia’s 54 -year -old man Craig Dick Mann encountered a crocodile when he went fishing a few days ago. In a hurry, he could only fight with the crocodile and escaped after attacking the crocodile’s eyes, but he was seriously injured.On the day of the incident, 54 -year -old Craig Di Kiman went to a remote area known as the “hometown of crocodiles” in northern Australia alone. When he was about to leave, a crocodile of about 2.8 meters was about to be behind him.Sneak attack.During the crisis, Dikman found that the only weakness of the behemoth of the “armor” was the eyes, so he slammed his thumb into its eyes.A few minutes later, Dikman worked hard to climb on the crocodile and fixed its mouth.Digman pushed away the crocodile, and the injured crocodile slipped back into the water.After this fight, Dixman’s hands and legs were injured. He drove back home for 45 minutes to call the first aid call. The medical helicopter sent him to the hospital for treatment.It is reported that the environmental protection department of Queensland has been on that crocodile afterwards

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