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The man appeared to the 7.23 million Dalto Dali, the host was more excited than the winner


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On November 16, 2022, the first prize of the first prize in the 22131 issue of Sports Lottery Super Lotto, of which a 7.23 million prize was from the old Yao Township, the ancient city, Shunping County.

Speaking of winning the prize, before the winner of the winner himself, Lao Yue, a substitute for the winning outlets, opened his mouth excitedly: “The first prize of the Big Lotto came out of my substitute sales point! I never thought that my store would come out such a super prize in my store. It seems that my store is a blessing! In the future, I will work hard to run sports lottery sales points, bring luck to more people, and let everyone feel sports sports. The surprise brought by lottery tickets! “Lao Yue’s sports lottery sales outlets were opened in 2020. He and his wife worked hard and operated this small but warm sports lottery shop. Two years have passed like a white horse. Under the hard work of the couple, more and more guests, and the business of small shops is booming.

A small sports lottery, carrying many dreams and lucky stories, just as the slogan “Little Dream, Big Lotto” of Super Lattore, the sports lottery not only carries the expectations of the lottery to win the prize, but also carry the carrier, but also carry the carrier. With my country’s great mission to promote national fitness and comprehensively pursue the health of the whole people. Over the years, the Chinese Sports Lottery has been adhering to the purpose of “coming to the people, using it to the people”, and strongly supporting the development of sports and public welfare. Over the years, whether it is mass sports or competitive sports, there are sports lottery public welfare funds everywhere. Each sports lottery is a love for lottery buyers, a support for social welfare and sports. In the future, the sports lottery will adhere to the spirit of sports lottery, persevere in the construction of responsibility lottery, and continue to glow and heat for the development of sports and public welfare.

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