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The man 10 yuan to win the two -color ball 5.76 million to appear in the second time the 2nd prize


Winning lottery

On November 27, 2022, the two -color ball was awarded in 2022136. In the current period, 19 first prizes were issued nationwide, and the single injection bonus was more than 5.76 million yuan.Sichuan Lottery has won 3 of them, two of the Deyang lottery, and 1 bet among Mianyang lottery.

The first medium -color ball first prize!

At 2 pm on November 29, the winner of the Mianyang Awards came to the Provincial Fortune Captain Center to receive the prize.As soon as Xiaobian entered the rejuvenation hall, he had not had time to speak.The winner of this prize ushered in a smile and said, “Do you still remember me? I came to receive the prize again! Last time I came here, I interviewed me.” After a careful memory, I said that I couldn’t remember it.It’s right.The prize winner waved his hand and continued: “There are too many big prizes you interviews, and may not be remembered. I won the first prize of the double -color ball in 2017. At that time, my wife was accompanied by the prize. You asked me who existed in the bonus.The bank card! “

After listening to this, the staff of the redeemed hall were all stunned!This is the first prize of the second medium -color ball!What kind of winning constitution is this?When everyone hadn’t returned, he also said, “I have come to the Provincial Fortune Center to redeem the award hall 5 times, and the other three times is the second prize of the mid -color ball.”

Adhere to the conservation number and wait for the prize

Talking about the success of this winning number, the winning lottery people said that they like to keep the number. The five bet numbers on this winning lottery have been bought for a long time.He didn’t like to vote, and felt that the same money was greater, and the probability of winning the prize was greater.

The bonus adds a lottery to life

Five years ago, the winning bonus of the winning citizens opened a larger catering restaurant in my hometown, and the days were getting better.Now, God actually gave him another big prize.He discussed with his wife and decided to go out of the restaurant to enjoy his life, so that a family can get along a little more time.

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