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The main lineup of Taishan is nearly 31 -year -old defending championship urgently needed to be younger

Reporter Chen Yong reported that the recent Chinese Super League. Due to objective factors, the teams began to encounter dilemma. Many U21 players began to enter the Super League: Among the 31st rounds of the 31st round of the Chinese Super League, the U23 players scored 5 goals, and 5 players of 5 players.Except for the 23 -year -old, the remaining four are 21 -year -old players, including 19 -year -old Harbor player Ledming and Hebei player Zhao Ziye. Among them, Ledming is the second player in the U21 league Sagittarius list;In the goal (not an oolong ball), the local players scored 13, and the number of goals of U21 players was as high as 6. In addition to Liu Zhurun, a 21 -year -old seaport player who had already become famous, the U21 league shooter list fourth and 20 -year -oldGuoan player Yan Yu also scored a goal.

The Shandong Taishan team also has young players. For example, Abdul’s meat Su Li showed a certain ability. He has scored goals, and he has completed the assists when buying Ulang, but so farAfter appearance, it did not bring more help to the team.

More precisely, after the current Taishan team encountered the dilemma of personnel, we found out that although the Taishan team has many outstanding young players, they currently do not have succession.At the same time, the state of the sharp decline in Felilei’s decline has largely reduced the combat effectiveness of the Taishan team, otherwise the 2022 season will not be so difficult, even if he can play well in several key games,The situation in Taishan will be much better.Including local players, in addition to the way Wu Xinghan played after the injury, more of the old players have been completely shaped.

At present, in order to develop in the future, the Taishan team may need to start from the 2023 season’s preparation period to gradually promote the team’s youthfulness. Specifically, there are three aspects of work: First, if it is possible, it is necessary to abandon FelryiiSecond; the introduction of a group of outstanding players in the transfer market (1995 to 1997) is introduced. It is better if you have better young players to join;The appearance time of the post player.

Normal youth is the front wave of the Yangtze River, and the front wave was shot to death on the beach. For example, the Taishan 1985 generation was to grab the rights with their own excellent ability, including many young people in Europe and the United States.The world is similar to the 81st generation of Dalian and Yatai, and it is also a strong segment of power.

However, in the league where the youth training system suffers from major blows, youthfulness means a very heavy price. For example, the youth of Taishan in 2012 paid a lot of price, and once fight for relegation.Today, the encounter of the Hebei team and the Guangzhou team is even more distressing: the Hebei team has used young players this season. As a result, it once encountered a 23 -game losing streak.The Guangzhou team is also forced to be young, but in retaining many national foot/quasi -international players such as Wei Shihao, Yang Liyu, Zhang Xiuwei, Yan Dinghao, Wu Shaocong, etc., at the same time, it also introduced and recalls the old international feet of Hao Junmin, Huang Bowen, Rong Hao, Zhang Chenglin and other old countries.In the case, the team still had to accept the embarrassment of 19 rounds.

In fact, in order to better complete the new and old alternation, many clubs have begun to lease young players to low -level league exercises, including Shandong Taishan, but no matter what, that is just exercise, the players will prove themselves in the Super League in the Super League.Not only will you prove yourself in the Super League, but also return to the Taishan team in Shandong to prove himself.

Speaking of which, different Chinese Super League clubs are different in the face of younger attitudes: small and medium clubs may have the motivation to cultivate young people, because this means a reduction in costs, and it also means that in the future, it is expected to gain benefits, and based on the championship, based on the championship championship.The club is like Taishan, Shandong. From any angle, it is impossible to give up the goal of winning the championship to cultivate young people. Especially at present, young players are not just the gap between the competition experience and the gap between the old players.In this case, in this case, in the 2021 and 2022 season, the natural performance of the Taishan team’s new and old alternation is not much pressure, which is an inevitable option.

But over time, the situation has also changed. For players in 1993, in the 2021 season, they were only 28 years old, which was the best era, but by 2023, they were 30 years old.Become an old player.

Young is not alone for older players. In fact, some veteran players have maintained a very good state and have excellent competitive ability. The professional attitude is also convincing. For exampleThe foreign aid Moisseus, Zheng Zheng is about to be 34 years old, Moyeus is about to be 35 years old, but their status has not showed no signs of decline. Such a player is as old as a treasure.

On the contrary, some players are not too old, but they are not capable, and more importantly are not enough to enter the mind. Such players are not much worth the team. In factFor young people.

This season, a total of 13 players of the Shandong Taishan team have launched more than 15 games, namely Shi Ke, Zheng Zheng, Wang Dalei, Liu Yang, Jin Jingdao, Ji Xiang, Song Long, Felryis, Moius, Sun Junhao,Jun Hao, Shi Ke at the 93rd, 95th ages, Liu Yang, 96 years of Cresan and Chen Pu.The average age of this lineup is 30.77 years old. It is naturally suitable for the 2022 season. It is not unacceptable to the 2023 season.Year of the player.

In addition, the Taishan team played 15 and above players such as Liu Binbin, Wang Tong, and Guo Tianyu. Wu Xinghan and Liao Lisheng who were injured less. In addition to Guo Tianyu 23 years old, these four players were 29 years old.Essence

Taken together, the player structure of the Shandong Taishan team is mainly composed of “excellent old players+excellent year players”, including the next season’s lineup also has a strong combat power, but the risk has begun to reveal:

First, there are only 18 main lineups and rotation lineups. Objectively speaking, the thickness of the lineup is slightly insufficient. More importantly, the location distribution of 18 players is unreasonable. In this position of the avant -garde, Wu Xinghan, Chen Pu, and Liu Yang areLiu Binbin and Jin Jingdao 5 players. Fortunately, the player’s position adaptability is pretty good, but once the 18 players are injured, the lineup is a bit stretched, and the old players naturally mean that the probability of injury is greater. At the same timeConsider the risk of future injuries.

Second, the state of foreign aid in key positions has decreased significantly, which is mainly reflected in Felryni.In addition, Jadsong’s injury problem is also quite worrying.

Third, it is also the most critical. This set of lineups is another year, that is, there is no problem in the 2023 season. I am afraid that there will be a problem with the 2024 season. Taishan needs to plan ahead.

For the Taishan team, there is no need to perform extreme or large -scale youthfulness. Instead, it should be “soft landing” and steadily promoting youthfulness. Youngization does not just refer to young players who cultivate themselves.It is also very important, which requires three levels of work.

First, foreign aid determines the combat effectiveness of the team, and foreign aid is necessary to be younger.This season’s 35 -year -old Felryi first launched 16 substitutes and 12 goals, scored 7 goals 2 assists, and Felleni first launched 12 substitutes for 8 games last year, scored 10 goals.More importantly, Felilei’s score in the 2021 season is often the key goal, but only the 7 goals of Felilei’s scoring this season are the key goals with Guangzhou City, and the remaining 6 goals.In the easily winning game, they scored 2 goals with the Shenzhen team, and the Hebei team scored 1 goal, and the Guangzhou team scored 1 goal.As for the two assists, one assistant appeared in the game with the Shenzhen team, and another assistant was more key. In the Taishan team’s 2 to 1 Meizhou Hakka game.In other words, nearly 30 games this year, Felryi’s key data that really brings the Taishan team on the offensive end is one goal and 1 assistant.

At present, the Taishan team is actually necessary to replace the offensive player to replace Felleni, because the important problem at the current Taishan team is that the front line is too dependent on Cresan.

Second, the Taishan team should sign the excellent players after the next transfer period as much as possible after the 95th age.At present, the professional league is in a trough, and the signing players have less obstacles, and the cost is small. Selecting 2 to 3 outstanding players according to the location and age structure is the most effective means to update the age structure of the team and maintain combat effectiveness.

Third, it is naturally to cultivate young people in an orderly manner. No matter what time, the Taishan team needs to ensure the leading position of their youth players in the club.In this regard, the Taishan team has also been fully prepared before. Many outstanding young players have been rented to overseas or low -level league clubs. In the new season, the Taishan team can naturally plan to plan.Club self -use.

Objectively speaking, there is a gap between experience and abilities, and the lack of the influence and accumulation of the Super League. The young players in the Taishan team recently played are the main force of national teams at all levels, but they obviously cannot challenge the burden on the Chinese Super League. ThereforeIt is necessary for the Taishan team to plan for the appearance of young players from the beginning of the 2023 season, so as to increase their experience as much as possible and adapt to the rhythm and atmosphere of the Super League.

Multi -pronged, the Taishan team’s quickly updating the team’s age structure is not too difficult. Only in this way can the Taishan team embrace the future more stablely.

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