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The list of Zhang Zhenlin leads the dunk contest Hu Mingxuan will play in the three -pointer

On November 20th, Beijing time, the CBA league announced the list of dunk contests and three -point competitions for the 2022 CBA All -Star Weekend Weekend.

2022 CBA All -Star Weekend Dunk Contest List:

Zhang Zhenlin (Liaoning), Li Tianrong (Shanghai), Ilfurati Mohet (Xinjiang), Luan Licheng (Beijing), Li Weizheng (Bei Kong), Li Hexu (invited Chinese Life Card players)

2022 CBA All -Star Weekend 3 -point Contest List:

Zhu Junlong (Guangsha), former handsome (Shanxi), Hu Mingxuan (Guangdong), Wu Tingjia (Tongxi), Meng Zikai (Tianjin), Lu Wenbo (Zhejiang), Liu Jiaxin (Qingdao) and special card players.

According to the previous announcement, the 2022 All-Star Weekend will be held in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, Zhuji City and Yang College Gymnasium in Zhejiang Province in 2022.

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  1. It is ridiculous, estimated 0 points.

  2. Zhang Zhenlin, Zeng Fanbo and other players who want to play in international competitions should be sinking, and they should practice long -distance shooting rate and stop shooting or throwing in various ways in the ball.It is possible to do less normally. It is rarely useful and vulnerable to the suspects of doing too much.The solid basic skills and mid -to -long -distance shooting high -life hit rate, plus various characteristic shooting high -life hit rates in the basket are the foundation of rushing out of the country, rushing out of Asia to the international arena.

  3. Hu Mingxuan is the highlight

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