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The legendary midfielder of the magic flute welcomes the World Cup may be the best in the audience


Magic flute welcoming the World Cup career curtain battle

At 23 pm on December 17, Beijing time, the third place in the Qatar World Cup will start, and Croatia led by Modric is against the black horse Morocco!After losing to Argentina 0-3 in the previous game, it can be said that Modric has completed the last important competition of the World Cup career. For this honorary midfield master, the battle of three or four will be the “curtain curtain curtain.”show.The institution has issued the best odds for the game. Modric 1 compensation 3.25 is far ahead, or uses this award to draw an end to his World Cup.

This year’s Croatia list, 37 -year -old midfielder Modric is still the core of the team.Four years ago in Russia, Croatia reached the finals. Although 2-4 regrets to defeat France, they also created the best record of the national team!During the knockout match, I experienced 2 penalty kick and 1 overtime game. The 33 -year -old Magic Flute played the highest team in the 694 minutes. All 7 games were replaced 2 times, and the rest of the time was full!

Four years later, Qatar, Modric still spared no effort to run. All 6 games were launched. At the same time, it became the fourth single World Cup in the history of the World Cup 6.Santos (Brazil) in the New Year, Zov (Italy) in 1982, and Hilton (England) in 1990.The semi -final against Argentina is also the 31st World Championship in Modric’s career, including 18 World Cups and 13 European Cups. It is the first player in the history of the Croatian team to play more than 30 games.

The 37 -year -old Modric may not be able to participate in the next World Cup. The third place in Morocco will be the World Cup of the Menalian Master.The agency gave him the best odds of 3.25, and the two teams of the two teams were far away. The Magic Di had previously won the MVP in the match against Morocco and Belgium. This field is expected to win again!

Entry Croatia vs Morocco’s best odds:

Modric (Croatia) 1 compensation 3.25

Ennisili (Morocco) 1 Lemon 8

Ashlav (Morocco) 1 loss 9

Ziyech (Morocco) 1 lost 9

Cla Marica (Croatia) 1 loss 11

Amlabart (Morocco) 1 loss 11

Livaja (Croatia) 1 loss 12

Perisic (Croatia) 1 compensation 13

Olsic (Croatia) 1 compensation 13

Bunu (Morocco) 1 Lemon 13

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