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The latest odds for the World Cup: Argentina Gundam 1 lost 10 out of 3


Argentina has a great impact on Saudi Arabia

On November 23, Beijing time, the 2022 Qatar World Cup entered the third competition day. Yesterday, as Argentina swelled to Saudi Arabia, the institution renewed the odds of winning the championship again. Among them, the Argentine led by Messi increased from 7.5 to 10. At present He was overtaken by the previous victory over England and the French team and fell out of the top three.


Last night, Argentina’s loss was very unexpected. In the gameplay gameplay, Argentina lost 1-2 to Saudi Arabia as high as 85, and the permanent odds were as high as 23. Then Argentina also faced two power brigades in Mexico and Poland, especially in particular, especially In the case of flatness in Mexico and Poland, Argentina must defeat Mexico in order to occupy the initiative. On the contrary, losing will be out in advance. It can be seen that the whole team will be a great test!

On the whole, the changes in other teams are not very great. Among them, Brazil has dropped from 5 to 4, and five -star Brazil will face Serbia with good strength on Friday. 8. In addition, England has changed from 8 to 8.5, Spain changed from 9 to 11, Germany and Belgium also raised odds, while the Netherlands and Portugal have remained unchanged.

In the Asian team, Saudi Arabia ’s outfold odds dropped from 751 to 351, while the host Qatar’ s lost odds increased from 251 to 751, Australia increased from 251 to 501, Japan and South Korea and Iran did not have too much. Changing, it can be seen that the Asian team is still difficult to set off a wave in the World Cup.

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  1. The higher the odds, the more the Argentine Internet celebrities earn [hee hee]

  2. If the Argentine group came out in the second line, they wanted to play the French team

  3. Argentine players felt that they were afraid of injury, kicking Too careful, the passing of the ball is soft, always steals

  4. Only water fans with insect heads think that Argentina will win the championship. Essence

  5. You look at Argentina less

  6. Good things for good things

  7. Rest assured, the Argentine football led by Messi, the Argentine football led by Messi The team will still be qualified as the first place in the group, and it will be passed on to the throne, until the Golden Light Golden Divine Cup is raised!

  8. It is not surprising to watch the live broadcast. Argentina has nothing to do. Except for the stronger body than Saudi Arabia, it is not as good as Saudi Arabia.

  9. At this time, Messi should publicly thank Cristiano Ronaldo. The bad headlines of the defeated Ronaldo have dispersed the news of Cristiano Ronaldo …

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    TheRedDevilsoftheRedDevilsoftheRedDevils 24 11 月, 2022 at 4:52 上午

    full screen requires Mexico and Poland to be tied. Now, the second round is over. I have the opportunity to roll away

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