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The last 3 rounds of the Super League still hold the initiative in Henan Bao Sixu and Four

The reporter Lumi reported that the last three rounds were left in the overtime. The Henan team, who was confident at the beginning of the season, had fallen from the fourth to seventh position. The results and rankings fell.exhausted.Of course, in their own hands, it depends on how to fight.

After the Jinmen Tiger withdrew from the FA Cup, on the 19th, the Henan team also announced abstain from 0-3.Like many Chinese Super League clubs, the Henan team failed to be spared. Most of the team members had symptoms such as fever and cough. In the most extreme, the thermometer was not enough.The entire training confrontation of 11 people is not available, and can only give up the Football Association Cup, in exchange for a few days of rest and recovery.

Give up the Football Association Cup, the team has 3 leagues to play. This is what the Henan team must face.In the past two days, the team’s daily training cannot be carried out normally.In the last round and Cangzhou, Harveil’s starting lineup was greatly adjusted. The uncertainty caused by physical reasons affected the trend of the game., Missing 3 points, very helpless.

However, the problem of personnel is actually fair for most of the Chinese Super League teams. For exampleTaishan hit 8-0.Judging from the last three rounds, in addition to the deep feet, the Henan team also played against Shenhua and Hebei teams. If the players of this team recovered in time, the probability of all won was still very high.

This year, the goal of the Henan team is to defend the sixths and four. They once ranked among the top four, but with the development of the league, various problems have occurred, resulting in a decline in results.

The epidemic is just one aspect. In addition, the club’s own operation, at a critical point, the players eagerly want to eat “stable” reassinual pills; there is the league mechanism to be disrupted to different degrees. At the end of the end, everyone is fullDelivered by physical and psychological torture, his will has shaken.

After entering December, the Henan team has not won the goal, 2 draws and 1 loss in 3 games, and 3 balls of throwing at the end of the game -lost the chance of getting 3 points, and this critical moment continuously lost the ball.It is a blow to confidence, and this is what the team lacks currently.

There are also three rounds. The Henan team is only 3 points in the sixth place, and only one is in one position. The initiative is still holding the Henan team’s own hands, depending on how the team grasps it.

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  1. Anyway, the Henan team has always been satisfied with the current situation of hoping for the championship.Four guarantees and six can only be used by slogans.

  2. Despise, what can be given up?How much capital can you give up?Shame!

  3. There are also 3 points for 3 rounds of 3 rounds. Where is the initiative of 4 points from the fourth place?

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