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The Lakers won 5 consecutive victories for the first time after May 21st.

On January 8th, Beijing time, the Lakers won the king 136-134, and the Lakers achieved a long-lost 5-game winning streak.

According to statistics, this is the first time that the Lakers have won five consecutive victories since May 2021. Last season, they have never achieved 5 consecutive victories throughout the season.

With this wave of 5 -game winning streak, the Lakers’ record came to 19 wins and 21 losses, ranking 12th in the west, but only 2 wins from the king who was 5th in the west.

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  1. [cute]

  2. Rest assured, there will be a 10 -game losing streak [haha]

  3. Rest assured, there will be a 10 -game losing streak in the next wave

  4. Your honey, black, noisy all day, what is the picture?IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionDid you eat too full and hold it?IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersection

  5. The Nuggets about the fat man is a scoring in series. The Lakers like this. The folder, the teacher can prevent it. After all, it is slow

  6. Right, the question is still two basic salary, not angry?IntersectionIntersection

  7. Call the stars back to the knight

  8. The star has transferred back to the Cavaliers.

  9. I admire James so much.

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