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The Lakers Wei Shao will continue the forefront of the forefront, and the Lakers will be significantly reduced to 7 million to leave him

On November 21, Beijing time, Wei Shao had to stay in the Lakers.Recently, a senior executive of a Western District team stated in a visit to “Heavy” that the Lakers renewed the contract with a middle -class contract of about 7 million.

Wei Shao stayed in the Lakers endlessly.His current contract expires in 2023, and is currently expected to stay in the Lakers after the contract expires.A high-level Western District said that he talked with Heavy reporter Sean Deveney that if the star guard was still unwilling to leave, if he could accept less salary, the Lakers general manager Bob Perinka would be willing to leave him.

Therefore, the Lakers want to renew his sign of him.He will not have a market after the expiration of the contract next year, and will not be the same as the past two seasons. Can he get much more salary than the middle class?Will there be a team to give him a higher contract than this?

Over the past 10 games, the Lakers have been replaced by the Lakers. The Wei Shao can averaged 17.5 points and 8.5 assists and 5.1 rebounds. The total hit rate reached 43.6%, and the three -point hit rate reached 39.5%.

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    NorthandSouthTang_qkkg1 11月 22, 2022 at 3:12 上午

    The secret of the Yin people card? [Dig nose]

  2. This is not an insult quotation and think of it.

  3. Impossible

  4. You have to consider the IQ of the traffic, and post 7 million to you. What can you sign for you?

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    MixedFanfanMixedinDongcheng 11月 22, 2022 at 3:12 上午

    40 million years will definitely be gone, but the percentage of more than 155 5 shows that there must be many people grabbing around 15 million, especially under the premise of accepting substitutes.

  6. also win the championship, win the deputy squad leader, you will have you

  7. Call the young master to replace the bench. In fact, Wei Shao wanted to leave early, there is no way,

  8. Your 2003 championship, now it has been almost 20 years later. Maybe there is no championship in this life

  9. It is estimated that 10 million in 2 years. Whenever the Watchy Story of the comment area said, it has been traded for a long time

  10. 2000W short approximately a large number of teams

  11. If this one, if this one If the star guard is still unwilling to leave … Oh, it is still the editor himself YY.

  12. Wei Shao is full of energy in the bench. There are really not many standards for the sixth person

  13. I think it is beautiful. Wei Shao now has 17 replacements. The team wants to sign 4200W for 4 years.

  14. Hehe, I think Wei Shao should have a veteran with a base salary of the Lakers. After all, Rhubarb is here. At least twenty years at the peak of the rhubarb

  15. Thunder wants to practice newcomers upgrades. Wei Shao restricts him that he is not abilities or age. He should not leave the wizard at first. Essence Essence

  16. Can Turtle still takes 9 million-12 million 3 years

  17. Will James only have business value?

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