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The Lakers’ self -confidence in December can reach 50 % of the right to transaction draft next year

On November 25th, Beijing time, according to relevant media reports, with the deepening of the season, the Los Angeles Lakers’ record has not improved. Before, they had always hoped to improve their strength through transactions, and now the Lakers have different voices.

American basketball reporter Dave McMenamin broke the news that the Lakers still feel that it is very realistic to increase their winning percentage to 50%on December 15th. By then on the trading day, players who signed a contract last summer can also trade.Those draft rights transactions that have been discussed for several months may eventually be completed from a node at the end of December to mid -January.

At present, the Lakers have a strong interest in the two players of Batty Hilde and Mels-Turner, but the Los Angeles Clippers expressed the same interest in Turner and can come up with a richer bargaining chip than the Lakers.This undoubtedly put pressure on the Zijin Legion.

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  1. Just give up this season?

  2. I really hope that the Los Angeles Police will solve the big tumor of the Lakers in the night in the night!

  3. The premise is that Mousse has been closed

  4. Finally, James changed to Hilder + Turner.The Lakers won the championship

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