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The Lakers have exited eyebrows!The magician will not increase the price


Are you going to the Lakers to cool?

On February 6, Beijing time, according to the Los Angeles Times reporter Brad Turner, due to the “Lion’s opening” of the Pelicans, the Lakers have withdrawn from Anthony Davis.

It is reported that Johnson, the CEO of the Lakers basketball affairs, notified the Pelican general manager of the Pelicans this morning. The Lakers have given their best offer and they will not continue to increase the price, so they will withdraw from Davis Transaction discussion.

Sources said that the Lakers would not send 6-8 future draft rights for Davis.

Yesterday, the Lakers provided the best offer to the Pelicans: Ball, Kuzma, Ingram, Hart and Zubatz, plus Pop. At the same time, the Lakers also agreed to send out two future first rounds of draft rights and were willing to accept the Pelicans’ striker Hill.

In the transaction discussion with the Pelicans, the Lakers changed the quotation many times.

According to Wo Shen, although the Lakers temporarily withdrawn from Davis’s transaction discussion, they are happy to restart negotiations with the Pelicans, but the Lakers will not continue to increase the price. They are waiting for the Pelicans to give a reasonable asking price Essence

“If the Pelicans are willing to accept the recent offer of the Lakers, then the” Magician ‘Johnson and Pingka obviously want to find a way to complete the transaction. For the Lakers, this is a strategy of negotiation. They hope The Pelicans became more active during the negotiations. “Wo Shen wrote on Twitter.

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  1. Why do I think he is super giant? It is not an ordinary character player who ran around, that is, the team gave more money, just get a little more, what is the difference from Booker?

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    AnswerNBAtopicwinningbonus 11月 12, 2022 at 9:36 上午

    Minnesota Timberwolves officially announced today

  3. The magician cannot do a righteous thing. George, Kawaii, Kao Shen, Russell, Rander, Lopez all meson, otherwise the Lakers should now be this lineup [George, Kawaii, Kao Shen, LeBron, Russell, Rander, Lopez, etc.], can be higher and low with the Warriors.

  4. Do you mean to put in the hope of the next ten years?

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    ThereisloveUser6670289331 11月 12, 2022 at 9:36 上午

    The idea of ​​the magician is correct. Now uses the future to change the championship. The value of the draft rights in the next few years is not high. But if you overdraw the future, you are waiting for the end of the Heat Knight Net. Orangutan has always patted his ass to climb the branches, no matter how much shit behind him

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    Halfoftheflyinghalf2156841197 11月 12, 2022 at 9:36 上午

    Leonard is willing to play with James? Be your spring and autumn dreams

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