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The Lakers had quoted Wei Shao+protected first turbine double shot and was rejected

On November 22, Beijing time, according to the NBA reporter Michael Scotto, before the beginning of this season, the Lakers proposed to use Russell Westbrook and the two shooters of the Spurs in the first round of the Spurs protected by Lotto., Dedicated by the Spurs.

The specific transaction plan proposed by the Lakers is: the Lakers replace the Spurs back to Josh Richardson and Doug McDmontmont from the Spurs with the prestige and the future first-round sign of the Lotto.

For this offer, the Spurs are not satisfied. The Spurs want to get a first -round sign of the unprotected first round to receive the salary of Well -Shao.

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  1. Hahaha, Popovich is obstructing his disciples Feng Xia, carrying a pot, laughed [laugh] [laughs] [laughing cry]

  2. Bobo Yin is very much, and the one tries to obstruct Zhan Zhanfeng God

  3. James can be traded at least next season. To understand the rules

  4. You use Jameska several guards to change the two shooters.The Spurs can use James as advertisers to earn some benefits outside the court. Lao Zhan can brush scores to build projects without scruples.Everyone is happy, and the Lakers will immediately drive away those brainless water fans.

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    Thestoneofhismountainsjesse 11月 22, 2022 at 2:19 上午

    This can only be said that the Spurs look down on the Lakers, and the Lakers look down on themselves.

  6. Spurs are really greedy enough

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