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The lady selected 6.32 million double -color balls with her mobile phone.


Winning lottery

In 2022141, the blessing of the blessing of the color ball, the lottery of our province was lucky to receive the dragon again, hitting the first prize in one fate.One of the lottery tickets from the Jingjiang 32120686 stations in Taizhou. The winning lottery is a machine selected 10 yuan and 5 bet single tickets.

Come with friends to buy a prize

Ms. Lin is from a foreign company. She is 32 years old. She loves to buy Fucai in her spare time. She laughed and said that the local prize report on her prize was only one who knew one.It turned out that she accompanied her friends to buy the lottery at the 3220686 site the day before the award. The friend and the site owner were also acquaintances, so she chose 10 yuan double -color single -format number with her mobile phone. She never thought that the 4th betting number was the name of the heavenly selection.In fact, as an old lottery, she has five years of lottery, not the “not buying lottery tickets” in the mouth of the site owner.Prior to this, she had selected 5 betting dual -color ball numbers at the betting station near home.But the true verification of the sentence: “If you have the heart to plant flowers, you can’t open the flowers, and you have no intention of inserting willows.”

Good human attitude, creating a prize for the birth of the big prize

The lottery number that has been thinking about meditation is far less than the name of the heavenly selection. This is a common thing for lottery people. It is luck and life.

Ms. Lin is very talkative, and she said that she had a sweet and bitter lottery experience before.For example, the number of hard work and the winning number is only the difference between the number one, but the period is forgotten; the number is selected but repeatedly tangled the temporary change and missed the high prize several times;Hundreds of yuan.””

It seems that I just have to calm my mindset and buy randomly with the fate to embrace the award. God’s will. “In fact, this is also because of her good relationship.It wasn’t that I bought the current lottery again with myself, and so many coincidences made a miracle of more than 6.32 million yuan.

When asked how this huge bonus was used, Ms. Lin smiled mysteriously. “Just like the Fucai prizes, I will divide the bonus in proportional share, deposit, and investment.Effective management. Of course, the most important thing is that the lottery fund will also have a place to provide strong funds for my future participation in more fun gameplay! “

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