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The king won 6 consecutive victories last time after 17 years, the last team entered the playoffs

On November 21, Beijing time, the King of Sacraono faced the Detroit Pistons at home. In this game, the two teams fought fiercely in four festivals. In the end, the king defeated the opponent 137 to 129 and won the long -lost six consecutive victories.

Data statistics show that the king team won six consecutive victories last time, dating back to January 2005.In the 2004-05 season, the King team won 50 games in a single season, which is the last time the king entered the playoffs so far.

Now that the king team has won six consecutive victories again after 17 years, this may also indicate that this team is expected to get rid of the embarrassment of the playoffs this year and break the history of the team for many years.

At present, the king team ranks sixth in the west with 9 wins and 6 losses. After Mike Brown served as the head coach, the team’s record this season has made rapid progress.

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  1. It ’s different from a coach immediately. Many teams are actually very strong. It may be completely different if you only need to change the start of the coach. 06 season. The eighth in the west. The reason is to get Abast from the Pacers. 0405 The sixth in the West, so it is definitely not the “last” to enter the playoffs.

  2. The coach is two grades higher than Wharton.

  3. I almost lost to the Lake Lake, indicating that the Lakers who did not have competitiveness were still competitive. If a team is willing to take over, the Lakers take this opportunity to throw this tumor burden on

  4. There is still stuffing inside the bread!

  5. Right to give you Zhan Huang

  6. Bread is a good coach, which is better than some champion leaders

  7. Now the King of the Kings is not very good.

  8. Brown also understands the ball

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