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The King Cup-Rodrigo scored the only goal to score Real Madrid and advanced to the top 16

In the early morning of January 4, Beijing time, the Spanish King Cup 1/16 final, Real Madrid away against the West Association B team (4th team) Kashernio Sports Center, eventually relying on Rodrigo’s goal 1-0Eliminate the opponent and enter the top 16 of the Kings Cup.

In the 13th minute, Basques scored, but because of the assisted Asencio, he was sentenced to offside and was invalid.

In the 68th minute of the game, Sevallos divided the ball to the left. After Rodrigo settled into the penalty area, Real Madrid finally won 1-0.

Real Madrid lineup: 13-Lu Ning, 17-Basques, 3-Mili Tang (46’22-Ludigeig), 6-Nacho, 16-Odrio Sora (50’5-Baleho), 19-Sevallos, 18-Chuliamei (46’15-Fedricko Balverde), 12-Kamanga, 7-Azar (67’39-Alvaro-LuoDriigs), 11-Arsencio (80’33-Alibas), 21-Rodrigo

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  1. Azar is a waste material, and it is better to use Mariano to have a better effect.At least others have physical advantages in the center.Azar, Sevallos, and a walking 14K has always been blinded by picking up the ball. Now the fast -paced football test is one -footed. This kind of slow -paced player is increasingly no market.

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    WannianqingBookstore 1月 4, 2023 at 2:20 上午

    Beautiful Brazilian

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