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The Jokic MVP Sanlianzhuang?The coach and Jokic have their own words

On January 2, Beijing time, is Jakich a three -consecutive MVP?In this regard, the Denver-Nights Coach Michael Malone felt that it was not a problem, and Jacic himself said he would not take the initiative to chase the MVP.

Regarding this issue, according to the “Denver Stiffs” Nuggets, the team reporter T.J.McBride reported that the Nuggets coach Malone was clear about this.”I don’t care about what people think of Nicolas, I know people don’t care what Nicolas think,” Malone said, “but if people have only taken it in the twenty -session, they assert that he cannot be 3rd.The second award won the award, it is undoubtedly laziness. “

Jacques could not do it.He said: “To be honest, when I end my career, MVP may mean a lot. I will not chase that award or think about what. When you want to get it and you finally get itHowever, that award is not within my consideration, so I will not be too happy because of that award. I have to admit that I did not play for that record, not to play for the three doubles. “

“Jamal Murray is back, he can get 50 points; Alon Gordon can also score 20, 30 or 40 points.The remote shot ability is also very good. On the bench, Hyland provides energy, and we have a new team. “

“My performance this season is different from the previous two years, but it is still similar. The best players in the team usually have the most shots. As for me, I always accept everything given me by the game. Sometimes I can get 40 points.The above, sometimes even 10 points. I want to prove that the score is not the most important. You can influence the game in different ways. “

On the latest MVP list, Jakich returned to the top of the list and ranked first.(魑))

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  1. The first in the West

  2. It should be the first 😂 in the south

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