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The Joint Cup District Finals revealed that the Nadal batch event needs to adjust the competition system


Joint Cup District Finals revealed against

On January 3, Beijing time, the finals of the 2023 United Cup area were announced!According to the rules, one team with the best record in the three regions and the runner -up of the region was promoted to the semi -finals until the final championship was decided.

Nadal criticized the system of the United Cup.The 22 Grand Slam champions said: The event is great and the idea is great, but the game system or form needs to be changed. It is meaningful to make all the competitions. This is where I think in the future.Nadal means to avoid “junk competitions” in the group stage.

Division finals against each other (played on January 4)

🇺🇸 Sydney: 🆚 U.S. 尼 Britain 🇬🇧

9:30 -Case VS Swan

Subsequently -Friz vs Nory

Not earlier than 14:30 -Pergola vs Dart

Subsequent -Tiaford vs Evans


🇬🇷 Perth: 🆚 Greek 🆚 Croatia 🇭🇷

12:30 -Papmine VS Wiki


Not earlier than 17:30 -Sacari vs Maldic

Subsequently -Perwa Larachis vs Geo Yue


🇵🇱 Brisbane: 兰 Poland 🆚 Italy 🇮🇹

10:30 -McCasky vs Musseti

Not earlier than 12:00

Not earlier than 15:30

Later -Rinete vs Brownzeti


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  1. Poland has Swatemek

  2. It feels that Polish opportunities are great!Intersection

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    Mobileusers2123776097 1月 4, 2023 at 2:34 上午

    He will pick up in two games in a row. If it is winning two games, everything is meaningful.

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