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The Japanese men’s volleyball league JT Thunder 3-0 frustrate to Tokyo Grand Bear Jiangchuan 24 points

On December 3, Beijing time, the first round of the 7th round of the Japanese Men’s Volleyball Team V1 League in the 2022-2023 season ended.To the Tokyo Big Bear, which was joined by Zhang Binglong, the Hiroshima JT Thunder’s skills in Jiangchuan’s main technique were high. Lickes 3-0 to stop 6 consecutive defeats, ranking 6th with 6 wins and 7 losses and 19 points., 25-21 and 26-24.In this game, Jiangchuan 23 deductions and 1 scored the highest 24 points in the audience, of which 3 of the offensive 41 buckle 23 mistakes were stopped and the success rate was 56.1%.Zhang Binglong, the main attack of Tokyo Big Bear, failed to get a chance to play.

In view of the general competitiveness of Tokyo Big Bear, the Hiroshima JT Thunder lineup is moderately rotated.Dazhi, Xichuan Xin.Tokyo Big Bear was led by Brazil to Araho, and the Chinese nationalist Zhang Binglong failed to enter the first lineup.

In the first bureau, the middle bureau’s 4-point JT Thunder 18-17 overtaked, and then pulled the score to 21-18 through the continuous counterattack of Jiangchuan and Wu Zhiyi.After Tokyo chased to 21-22, Jiangchuan attacked the Chinese and Ono Temple Taizhi fast attack successfully, and JT Thunder won the game 24-21.Alauho made a mistake and sent out the winning points, JT Thunder 25-22 won a game first.

In the second game, Jiangchuan’s post-attack repeatedly built, JT Thunder 11-6 exceeded.Tokyo, who was 5 points behind the Central Bureau, pursued it to 18-19.Jiangchuan has stabilized, Ono Temple Taizhi blocked the net, JT Thunder held the opponent’s counterattack 25-21 to win again.

After the third inning to 20 draws, Wu Zhihuan jumped up and founded the Gong, Ono Temple Taizhi killed Arajo’s deduction, Jiangchuan counterattacked, JT Thunder 23-20 exceeded.After the opponent scored 3 points in a row, Jiangchuan attacked the goal, and JT Thunder scored the game at 24-23.After 24 ting the West Zhi Shu blocked the net success, Jing Yinjiao counterattacked, JT Thunder won 26-24 and defeated Tokyo Big Bear 3-0.(Caucasus)

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