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The Italian Championship Football Association earns a pot full of money to receive a prize of 34 million Euros

As Italy defeated England to the championship through a penalty shootout, the European Cup also ended.So as a new champion, how much bonus can Italy receive?[See expert prediction! Help the lottery profit!] [Download app to see data prediction]

According to the Spanish “Aspen”, each team of the European Cup can get 9.25 million euros to play fees.In addition, in the group stage, one game can get 750,000 euros and win 1.5 million euros.

Entering the top 16, the team can get 2 million euros.Enter the top 8 to get 3.25 million euros.Enter the top 4 to get 5 million euros.Won the runner -up can get another 7 million euros, if the champion is 10 million euros.

The final calculation result is that Italy can receive a prize of 34 million euros.(Ivan)

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