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The International Chess World Tourna

Article Source Public Number: China International Chess Association

On November 22, Beijing time, the 2022 International Chess World Team Tournament ended all five rounds of competition, and the two groups of A and B also produced teams in the early advancement period. The first opponent of the Chinese team in the knockout is the Polish team.

In the final round of the group stage, the Chinese team and the French team met. Although both teams have been promoted to the knockout match, and the Chinese team locks in the first name of the group, the two teams still fiercely fight. As a result, Lu Shanglei, Platinum Stone Yi, Li Yan and Xu Xiangyu won and defeated them. Get the first and second places in the group.

In other competitions in this group, Spain won South Africa 4-0, and the Netherlands and Ukraine were tied 2-2. In the end, Spain and Ukraine were promoted, and the Netherlands and South Africa were eliminated.

In the competition of Group B, Uzbekistan, which has been steadily, tied Poland 2-2. After a melee, the other four teams defeated Israel 2.5-1.5, India won 3-1 in the United States. Promotion, Israel and the United States were eliminated.

The knockout is still a 45+10 time limit. The first round of the quarter -finals at 21:00 Beijing time in Beijing time, the second round of competition at 24:00, if two rounds are flat, the 3+2 ultra -fast chess The game is divided until the victory.

The Polish team is a traditional strong team. The star is Woztazar, with an average level of 2500+, which is comparable to the Chinese team.

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  1. China has eliminated Poland to advance to the semi -finals

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