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The handsome uncle was 17.13 million in the two -color ball in the middle of the 1 -class prize because of the No. 1

On December 11, China Welfare Lottery Two -color Ball Games 2022142 Lottery.Changsha Caimin Xizhong 2 Prize and 2 Special Awards, winning the blessing of the blessing to the 43014024 betting station for Tianxin District.

On the morning of December 12, Mr. Chen (Hua surname) appeared in the Hunan Province Fucai Center’s redemption room accompanied by the family. In addition to the first prize of the two -color ball in the two -color ball, Mr. Chen also won according to the rules of the two -color ball.The 2nd Note Special Awards, the second prize, the third prize, the fourth prize, the fifth prize, the fifth prize, and the sixth prize, and the bonus total of more than 1,713 yuan, once again refresh the highest record of the top prize of the 1.2 billion yuan in the Hunan Two -color ball.

The handsome winning “Uncle” and Fucai are incomprehensible.”I have been with Fucai for 28 years. Since 1994, I have started buying the Welfare Lottery.” For 28 years, Mr. Chen has experienced the first purchase of the first lottery, and there are only one, 2 numbers and prizes, and prizes.The regret of being passing by, from the impulse of youth, to the calm after winning the prize.”Today, I have insisted on buying a welfare lottery every day. It has become my hobby and habit. I have won the award without my imagination. I have bought it for so many years.The second winning prize is the return that has been persistently paid for me in the past 28 years, but my heart is very calm. “

Mentioning the experience of buying lottery, Mr. Chen said, “I have always been selected by my own number, and the selection number is more to look at my own feelings. The combination of the hot and cold numbers. I will plan this bonus. I will plan this bonus.In the case, make some investment, be charity, and continue to buy lottery tickets. “

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