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The Guangzhou team’s data accounting is still a small negative teenager to play an absolute future

Source: The sports world of big guys (Cong Shuoming)

The Guangzhou team came to the Jinjiang Division to get warmly sought after the local fans, which allowed the team in adversity to rekindle the fighting spirit. Comparison. In the end, the opponent won the victory with Achim Peng’s two goals. Although the connection of the two substitutes of the Guangzhou team also exchanged a beautiful goal, only this scene was performed during the stoppage time. It did not give young people more time. The long -lasting victory has not arrived.

In fact, the guys of the Guangzhou team have done a good job. Under the circumstances of Huang Bowen, Hao Junmin, and Zhang Chenglin, the three veterans who were unable to appear due to injury and competitiveness were damaged. His execution is desperately trying to form a balance with your opponent. However, after the rotation of a few people, the only veteran Rong Hao was on the right that was not so familiar. The two ends of the Guangzhou team still exposed obvious problems. After a few positioning of the positioning ball, the sideline defense was still missing due to insufficient experience, giving the other party a chance. This is a gap in hard power, and the level of Shenzhen team foreign aid is good. It is unrealistic to want young players to eat a fat man in one bite.

However, objective evaluations, the players of the Guangzhou team’s young players are still remarkable. At least from the after -the -game data, it is not difficult to find that the Guangzhou team is the leading party on several key data: the ball control rate, the number of shots, the right number of the shooting … Especially in the second half, the Guangzhou team suppressed the opponent on the scene, but the front line was just the front line, but the front line The players still have insufficient ability to grasp enough, and they cannot create a substantial threat on one aspect; the poor luck is the other side … Put aside the suspected offside controversial scoring goal. This ball may be more reasonable. The Guangzhou team is really. It’s a bit worse! Competitive sports are cruel, without if you lose, you lose. This young player also needs to continue to sum up.

The three veterans did not have a negative impact on the Guangzhou team, but in the previous comments, the team has now found their own positioning. The veteran must use the most critical and most score competition and try their best to maintain it. Their state. Therefore, the team finally made such a decision based on strategic considerations and the physical condition of the veterans. However, this year’s Guangzhou team is the case. When people are on the verge of despair, another dawn will be given: Eiffelin and Li Jiaxuan have just shined on the Football Association Cup. Including the teenager Wang Shijie, He Xinjie, etc., who have appeared in the next half, are all remarkable performance. Wang Shijie is on the right, let Rong Hao return to the left, and the situation is suddenly opened. The play of young people continues everyone’s hope. Facts once again prove that they can perform such a performance at this age, which is definitely in the future!

In addition to persistence, persistence, persistence to the end, persistent confidence, persistence toughness … Just like Saudi Arabia can defeat Argentina, the world of football is abound with weakness and strength, the Guangzhou team is also capable of doing it! Now that the team of His Majesty Zheng Zhi is very clear, he has a clear positioning, and there are also settlements and principles of race and employment.

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  1. The end of the scattered team every year, although the epic defeat stood in the end, will die, next year, the A Super League will be expected in the future!

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