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The Guangdong men’s basketball team donated 1 million to recognize South China Tiger named “Honghong”

Beijing time on November 23rd, CBA Guangdong Hongyuan Basketball Club South China Tiger’s adoption ceremony was held at the Shaoguan China South Tiger Breeding Research Base.

At the ceremony, representatives of the Guangdong team and Shaoguan South China Tiger Breeding Research Base and Shenzhen Care Action Public Welfare Foundation jointly signed a adoption agreement, and donated 1 million yuan to the base for the breeding management, medical care of the South Tiger, and the base.A certificate of adoption and “South China Tiger Guardian Ambassador” was issued.Subsequently, the name “Honghong”, which was officially announced in Guangdong’s Hongyuan’s adoption.

In an interview, the Guangdong team player Yi Jianlian said: “The most important thing is to hope that the little tiger can grow up healthily. Our team will be as brave as South China tigers and play our momentum.”

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  1. Being able to loan is also the ability. You have the ability to go to loan. It is estimated that you have no credit volume [Yun Bei]

  2. The pit stones are here

  3. Honghong, the tiger and tiger is prestigious, come on.

  4. tiger and tiger life.

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    Donotunderstandromanticpigj 23 11 月, 2022 at 2:21 上午

    The Guangdong team loves to donate to protect animals, which is worthy of praise! And the running team spent money to support the players, not only did the local escape from running out of experience, but even foreign aids also learned to escape. It is really a versating team, shame!

  6. I did n’t buy better foreign aid, I did n’t give Zhao Rui, but I had the money to claim the South China Tiger. Think about the mood of Zhou Peng and Zhao Rui. ]

  7. Does this money spend?

  8. I have money to do this, and I have no money to give Zhou Peng [Khan]

  9. Resting one person in one side. One side of the soil and water determines the values ​​of one person. The response of people who caused a love action can be seen slightly.

  10. This is called professional. The Guangdong team opens a zoo

  11. is not boring

  12. This is also worth spraying? Intersection Intersection

  13. The existence of the brush is unwilling to be lonely and unwilling to be edge.

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