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The Guangdong Equestrian League “Hong Kong Jockey Cup” finals successfully finished

On December 17-18, the Fifth Guangdong Equestrian League’s “Hong Kong Jockey Club” finals in 2022 were successfully held at the International Equestrian Field of the Sports Training Center in Huangcun, Guangdong Province.

The Guangdong Equestrian League is the annual brand competition of the Guangdong Equestrian Association. This year’s Guangdong Equestrian League’s “Hong Kong Jockey Club” finals are sponsored by the Guangdong Equestrian Association, the China Equestrian Association, the Guangdong Sports Bureau as the guidance unit, and Huangcun, Guangdong ProvinceThe Sports Training Center is a co -organizer, and the Hong Kong Jockey Club, as the chief partner, continues to support the current Guangdong Equestrian League Finals.With the strong influence, professionalism and ornamental of this finals, a wonderful equestrian event was presented to Guangdong equestrian audiences at the end of the year.

Qiangqiang teamed up to deepen the cooperation to achieve the annual brand equestrian event of the Greater Bay Area

At two pm on the 18th, the opening ceremony was held at the event.Xu Jianping, president of Guangdong Equestrian Association, Wu Minchun, deputy director of Guangzhou Sports Bureau, Li Chungang, deputy director of the Guangzhou Sports Bureau, Zhao Jianxin, director of the Huangcun Sports Training Center of Guangdong Province, Xu Lin, director of the Public Institute of Public Institute of Shenzhen Special Cooperation Zone, and executive of the Guangdong Equestrian AssociationLuo Dongbin, Vice Chairman and Secretary -General, Luo Dongbin, deputy director of the Huangcun Sports Training Center of Guangdong Province, Lin Lin, director of the Guangzhou Equestrian Association, Executive Vice President and Deputy Secretary -General of the Guangdong Equestrian Association, Chen Guangqiang, executive vice chairman of the Guangdong Equestrian AssociationMs. Liu Qianqian and other guests from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Mainland Affairs Assistant attended the opening ceremony.


Xu Jianping, President of the Guangdong Equestrian Association, delivered a speech

Xu Jianping, president of the Guangdong Equestrian Association, said at the opening ceremony that since the Guangdong Equestrian League was held in 2017, it has become an annual equestrian event in Guangdong Equestrian.The Greater Bay Area and even the National Equestrian annual brand competition is also a comprehensive platform for promoting horse culture, promoting equestrian sports, and cultivating youth sports development. It has received high attention and support of equestrian lovers and many media.This is inseparable from the strong support of the Chief Partner of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.The Guangdong Equestrian Association relies on the competition to continuously strengthen the management of the event, strictly grasp the game of the game, form a standardized and standardized competition system, and continuously promote the promotion and popularization of equestrian movements among young children.In the industry standardized and refined management, we have worked hard on the construction of the provincial equestrian professionals, and are at the forefront of the National Equestrian Industry Association.

Xia Dingan, the executive director of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, who failed to come to the scene, also delivered a written speech, which was read on behalf of the host.Xia Ding’an said that the Hong Kong Jockey Club has been closely cooperating with the Guangdong sports community since the 1980s.With the successful experience of Malaysia’s support of Hong Kong’s co -organized Beijing Olympic equestrian competition in Beijing’s 2008 Olympic equestrian competition, I am honored to have the opportunity to provide technical support for the construction of the Asian Games Equestrian project in the 2010 Asian Games Equestrian project.On this basis, the Hong Kong Jockey Club promoted the renovation of the then field to the Macau. It was the first international -level purebred horse training center in the Mainland.From the Asian Games Equestrian competition, to the completion and continuous operation of the immune -free zone and the racecourse, it is the fruitful results achieved by the joint cooperation between Guangdong and Hong Kong, and a successful example of the construction of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area.In May last year, the Jockey Club and the Guangzhou Municipal Government signed a framework cooperation agreement to jointly promote the development of the Malaysian industry in the Greater Bay Area and lay the foundation for the development vision of the Jockey Club.The Malaysia Industry Development Plan (2020-2025) is an important support for promoting the cooperation between the two places. The relevant planning focus will vigorously develop equestrian movements and explore and promote horse racing.In the future, the Jockey Club expects the development of the world -class Malaysia industry in the Greater Bay Area to drive the economic and employment development of the Greater Bay Area.As a strong province of China Equestrian Movement, we look forward to the cooperation between the two parties to further promote the development of Equestrian in Guangdong, provide more comprehensive conditions for the Greater Bay Area to expand the world -class horse industry, and contribute to the development of the country’s horse industry.

During the finals, the 2022 Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area Equestrian Group Challenge was held simultaneously

There are seven competitions for the “Hong Kong Jockey Club” finals of the Guangdong Equestrian League., 60cm post time match.It is worth mentioning that during the finals, the 2022 Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area Equestrian Group Challenge (Guangzhou Station) was also held simultaneously, which are two groups of groups of 80cm competition and 60cm post.Equestrian teams in Hong Kong, Macau and other places have discussed each other to bring a different viewing experience to the audience.


120cm level awards ceremony

In the end, the Dongguan team won the 80cm contest team championship, and Dongguan Jinbo band won the 60cm post championship.The Dongguan team member Lin Yanhan said that he was very happy to win the championship with his teammates. It was also honored to be able to compete with so many high -level riders. This is a very wonderful game.

The venue obstacle 120cm Open is the second highest competition in the finals of this year, and it is also one of the strong ornamental competitions in the finals. In the competition, a small mistake in the competition may lead to the reversal of the results of the game.The participating in this level is a very outstanding rider, including Olympic riders such as Li Zhenqiang, Liang Ruiji, and equestrian players such as Hada Railway.The riders have passed a obstacle with their superb cycling technology and won applause from the audience.In addition to wonderful equestrian events, this finals have also prepared wonderful events such as equestrian fun games and equestrian puzzle puzzles for the audience.In addition, the organizer also carefully arranged the double dress dance performance.Together with the dressed rider, accompanied by the beautiful and smooth rhythm, it showed the charm of equestrian ballet to the audience.

It is understood that live events have been broadcast live through the form of “TV+network platform”, so that many equestrian enthusiasts who have not been able to come to the scene can also watch wonderful events.A number of mainstream media networks and graphic media have also participated in reporting this event.

With the accumulation of experience in the first four events, the Guangdong Equestrian League has grown from 2017 to 2022, from less than 100 pairs of people and horses, to now more than 400 people and horses combinations, which fully reflects the Guangdong equestrian industry in Guangdong.Under the overall guidance of the Provincial Equestrian Association and the rapid development of the Guangdong Equestrian Club’s joint efforts.

This year, the epidemic affected the provincial league’s four stations, but the members of the Provincial Horse Concords and members still overcome multiple difficulties, and completed the task of running the competition safely and smoothly. This year’s Guangdong Equestrian League continued to upgradeMost of the projects have high -level projects to improve the level of participation. There are nearly 900 competitions for the competition throughout the year.

In addition to organizing a series of leagues, the Guangdong Equestrian Association has also carried out a series of training programs, such as equestrian Jin campus, technical official training assessment, riding training, veterinary training, and so on.In addition, this year’s provinces and cities have also established equestrian associations at all levels, which will effectively promote the further standardization of equestrian sports in the province and standardization process, so that the Guangdong Equestrian Movement is in front of the country.

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