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The Golden Globe Award is full ranking: Messi defeated Van Dak C Ronaldo Sun Xingzheng 22


The Golden Globe Award Ranking has been announced one after another

In the early morning of December 3, Beijing time, the suspense of the Golden Globe Award will gradually be announced. The organizer “French Football” will announce the ranking of 30 candidate players one after another at 0 o’clock. Sina Sports will bring you real -time updates. [Messi C Ronaldo Fan Dike, you can choose! Create your strongest lineup]

Tied 28th: ​​Felix

Tyrked 28th: ​​Malginios

Tied 28th: ​​Van Delbeck

Two -ranked 26th: Benzema

Parallel 26th: Venyl Dum

Parallel 24th place: Curry

Two -ranked 24th: Ter Stegen

23rd: Lori

22nd: Sun Xingyi

Two -ranked 20th place: Oba Meiyang

Two -ranked 20th place: Tadic

No. 19: Arnold

18th place: Glezmanman

No. 17: Philmino

No. 16: Aguero

15th place: Derecht

14th place: Deblaune

The 13th: Azar

12th place: Stelin

No. 11: De Rong

No. 10: Machres

9th place: B-Silva

8th place: Laivan

7th place: Alleyon

6th place: Mbappe

5th place: Salah

4th place: Mane

3rd place: C Luo

2nd place: Van Dike

No. 1: Messi.

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