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The gods of God 50,000 yuan to buy a lottery English victory over Iran to gain 1.5 million awards


England has a magical award!

On the evening of November 21, 2022, Beijing time, the World Cup entered the second competition on the 2nd match day, and the highly anticipated England team finally won Iran 6 to 2, Sakamei opened the second degree, Stelin transmitted, Belinsham, Rashford and Graresh scored. This 6-2 goal feast also excited the lottery players who bet on the Chinese lottery before the game. A magical lottery played the total number of goals of England and Iran a total of no less than 7 goals before the game, and finally won 1.5 million awards!

In the goal gameplay of Chinese competition (you can bet on a single game every game), a god man bets 50,000 yuan in England VS Iran’s goal over 7 or 7 goals before the game. Ticket betting 50 times cost 100 yuan, and he bought a total of 50,000 yuan! In the end, based on the SP value (return value) of the lottery 30.00, he finally won the 1.5 million yuan award (see the figure below)!

There are also many lottery players in this game, betting on the score gameplay, the score of England won: Victory other (Explanation: The scores of more than 7 goals in Chinese competitions have not won other, other or other or other, other or other or other. The SP value of the other) is also 1 loss of 35, which is a very cost -effective choice!


In fact, in the European Cup last year, a score of the two games of Spain 3-3 and France 3-3 in the two games of the two games in Spain was single-selected betting. Spain’s 3-3 compensation was 1 Layoning 70, and the French team’s 3-3 compensation is 1,90, hit 630,000 yuan, 2 series and 1 betting return is as high as 6300 times!

In the betting gameplay of Chinese competition, the betting and the total number of goals are particularly loved by lottery people, especially fans during the World Cup. Every game can bet on a single game, and let everyone be more exciting and excited when watching the ball! Of course, Sina Lottery also reminds everyone that buying China Lottery is a public welfare behavior. In the principle of entertainment, everyone can do it and bet on moderate betting. (Wu Junhao)

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  1. Examination of inspiration, courage, and good financial resources!

  2. I can only say that football is played by rich people

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