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The glorious international tour 2023 season starts the new policy of the US tour passage detailed explanation

On January 16th, Beijing time, the Glorious International Tour will usher in a new era in 2023.

A total of 26 stations in the new season, starting from January 15th to 18th, the Bahamas Great Exuma Classic, which ended in the Glorious International Tour Championships from October 5th to 8th.

After the end of the season, the top 30 players will get membership qualifications for the 2024 season of the US Tour.

Let ’s take a look at the U.S. Tour of 2024:

Glorious International Tour: 40 places

European Tour: 10 places

Qualification School: Ranking the top five (including side by side)

In 2023, members of the Glorious International Tour can compete for a total of 28 million US dollars in total bonuses. This is the highest value in the history of the tour, which increased by 37.6%(202.35 million US dollars in 2022) compared with the last season.In the Glorious International Finals, the total bonus of each event is 1.5 million US dollars.

Since 2023, there are no more lists: the conventional season list and the final list.The glorious international standings will determine the member qualifications of the US Tour in 2024.

In the first 22 stops, each stop champion can get 500 points, and the finals champion can score 600 points.

After the Magnit Championship, the points ranking after August 17th to 20th) will decide the qualifications of the 2023 Finals.

The key point is that there will be no elimination after the finals of the finals, that is, the lineup of the three -stop finals basically remains unchanged.However, after the reform, a group of players will be eliminated after each final.

The following is the four -stop finals, please pay attention to the changes in the lineup:

1) From August 24th to 27th, the Boyxi Open, 156 people, 1.5 million US dollars;

2) From September 14th to 17th, the Simons Bank Open, 144 people, 1.5 million US dollars;

3) From September 21st to 24th, the National Children’s Hospital Championship, 120 people, 1.5 million US dollars;

4) From October 5th to 8th, the Glorious International Tour Championship, 70 people (no elimination line), 1.5 million US dollars.

The leap of the American Open

Another change in 2023 is that all glorious international members promoted in the US Open can get corresponding points with their rankings.

The U.S. Open was held at the Los Angeles Village Club from June 15th to 18th.This reform means that a glorious international member (the event was held in the event) after eliminating the 36 -hole elimination line, and will receive the Federal Express Cup points, and the Glorious International Tour will also be included in the standings according to the same number of points.

Glory of points first

In 2023, the highest ranking ranking will be exempted from the US Tour of 2024. There is no need to participate in the qualifications. At the same time, it will also be qualified for the 2024 Player Championship and the US Open.

European Tour

The top ten players in the final standings of the European Tour in 2023, the players who have obtained qualifications -will obtain membership qualifications in 2024.

qualification exam

In 2023, the top five players (including side by side) of the Qualification School can obtain membership qualifications in the 2024 of the US Tour.

Players other than the top five will obtain glory international membership qualifications in 2024, and qualification sorting will be determined in accordance with the ranking.

This is the first time that the qualified school players have been directly connected to the US tour since 2012.From 2013 to 2022, qualified school players can only obtain glorious international membership.

U.S. Patrol University Ranking

In 2023 college graduates, the first players who are in the ranking of the United States Patrol University can obtain the status of the US tour in the rest of the season.

Students of freshman to junior year can now obtain the status of the US tour through the new project: the accelerated ranking of the United States Tour University.Once these low -grade college students have achieved enough points in college league, amateur and professional events, they can immediately obtain the status of the US tour.Same as the first player in the United States Tour University, after the NCAA Championship, you can get the qualifications of all US Tour and the full lineup.

Players who have obtained member qualifications of the US Tour of the United States Tour University can also pass the last level of the school directly, which means that he can have a glorious international member identity, plus the opportunity to fight for the US tournament card.

After 2024, how college students entered the US Tour through the US Tour University rankings to be determined.

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