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The German Masters Zhou Yuelong burst out of the situation, Yan Bingtao promoted to the bench 5-0 Allen


Zhou Yuelong 2-5 James-Cahill

In the early morning of November 24th, Beijing time, the 3rd game of the 2022 Snock Germany Masters Qualification Tournament. Among the eight Chinese players who appeared on the same day, Zhou Yuelong, Lu Ning, and Chen Zifan stopped the second round of the qualifying competition; and Peng Yizhan once again reversed the 4th inning to defeat Ian after Peng Yizhan, who was defeated by the Cold War. Bernus, advanced to the main competition; Zhao Jianbo, who replaced the banned Liang Wenbo, participated in the 5-0 sweeter 9 seeds, the New Kele Championship champion Mark Allen, promoted to the main competition; The race; Xiao Guodong and Zhang Anda successfully advanced to the third round of the qualifications.

The 2022 Snock Germany Masters Qualifications was held at the Barbikin Center in Yorkshire, England on November 21-26, local time. A total of 130 players participated in the 3 rounds of qualifications. In the first round, there were only 2 games, a total of 64 games in the second round, and the winner of the third round of 32 games will advance to the top 32. The main race will be held in Berlin, Germany on February 1-5, 2023. The qualifications are carried out in three periods a day, all of which adopt 9 games and 5 wins.

Including Fu Jiajun, Li Junwei, and Wu Anyi, including Hong Kong players, 27 people in China participated in the competition. Among them, no Chinese players participated in the first round of the qualification competition, and all 27 people started from the second round of the qualification competition. In addition, because Liang Wenbo was banned, his position was replaced by Zhao Jianbo.


2022 Snooker Germany Masters Qualification Tournament 3rd Game Day Full Fruit

In the first period of the third game day, the second round of the 6 qualified matches. Among them, only Zhou Yuelong burst into the opponent, and Xiao Guodong and Zhang Anda were successfully promoted.


Zhou Yuelong 2-5 James-Cahill

Zhou Yuelong’s opponent is England player James Cahill. They just played once in the first round of the Gibraltar Open in 2017 5 years ago. At that time, Zhou Yuelong swept the opponent 4-0. However, in this game, Cahill came up with 1 shot and 80+, 80+, with 98 (81) -1, 100 (100) -0 and 65-44 winning 3 games. Essence In the fourth game, Zhou Yuelong pulled back a game with 63-57, and entered the midfield to rest with a large score of 1-3. Return to the rest. In the fifth game, Cahill once again played a single shot 50+, winning a game with 74 (58) -32, and a big score of 4-1. Although Zhou Yuelong then saved 1 match with 69-45, in the seventh inning, Cahill won another game with 67-6, and the big score was promoted to the third round of the qualification competition.


Xiao Guodong 5-3 Alfe Bolden

Xiao Guodong’s opponent is the England player Alfe Boden. Earlier, the two had played 7 times, and Xiao Guodong won the last 5 games. In this game, in the first four innings, the two sides won 2 innings. Xiao Guodong led twice and twice to equalize with 64-32, 40-83, 60-56, and 22-97 (54). Midfield rest. Come back, Xiao Guodong made 1 shot of one hundred and 3 shots and 50+ in 4 games. He first won the game with 69 (54) -10 and 116 (115) -1, and scored 4-2. In the seventh inning, although Xiao Guodong scored 57 points in a single shot, he regretted failing to exceed the score and was finally scored 68 points with a single shot of 68 (68) -57 (57) to save 1 match point. At the critical moment, Xiao Guodong won the third round with a single shot of 54 points with a single shot of 54 points, with a large score of 5-3.


Zhang Anta 5-0 Craig Saidman

Zhang Anda’s opponent is England Player Craig Saidman. Previously, the two sides played three times, and Zhang Anda only won once in the fourth round of the 2010 World Championship Qualification. However, in this game, the Chinese players played very well. With 1 shot of one hundred and one shot 50+, he used 63 (57) -48, 88-74, 133 (133) -0, 61-51 and 70-4 In the 5th consecutive game, the big score was 5-0 swept the third round of the promotion qualification competition.

In the second period, the third round of the 6 qualified competitions. Among them, all three Chinese players in the battle won and advanced to the competition.


Yan Bingtao 5-2 David-Gresy

On the 15th seed, Yan Bingtao, with 1 shot of 1 and 2 shots, 60+, after missing 1 match point, 75-17, 129 (129) -0, 0-129 (129), 108 (85) -11, 67 (67) -53, 11-80, and 92-39, a large score of 5-2 defeated the England player David Grees to advance to the main match.


Peng Yizhan 5-4 Ian Bernus

Earlier, Peng Yizhan, the 5-4 Cold War victory, No. 5 Seed Mark Selby, was against the English player Ian Bernus in the third round. In this game, Bernes took 57 (50) -43, 70-4, 43-54, 73-48 and 72 (53) -25 in the first five innings. 1 lead. However, since then, Peng Yizheng exploded, 4 games with 82-3, 93-14, 78 (57) -40 and 73-31, with a large score of 5-4 reversed and won the main match.


Zhao Jianbo 5-0 Mark Allen

Zhao Jianbo, who replaced the banned competition, participated in the competition of 50+ in 4 consecutive games. ) -0, a large score of 5-0 Blasting Cold Sweeper No. 9 Seed, the New Stock Institute Championship, Northern Ireland “Small Steel Cannon” Mark Allen, advanced to the main match. In the third period, the second round of the 6 qualified matches is played. All the two Chinese players who played in the battle were missed.

Luning 2-5 Lin Shanfeng


Runing’s opponent is England player Lin Shanfeng. During the competition, Lin Shanfeng won 2 rounds with 2 shots of 80+, with 104 (96) -6 and 96 (80) -0 first, leading a big score of 2-0. Although Lu Ning took 2 games with 81 (61) -48 and 49-44 with 1 shot, Lin Shanfeng won 3 games with 83-8, 74-36, and 100 (91) -0, and 3 games. The big score is 5-2 to advance to the third round of the qualifying competition.

Chen Zifan 4-5 Eliowt Slysser


Chen Zifan’s opponent is another England player Eliowe Slyse. In this game, the two sides played very fiercely. In the case of a large score of 3-1, Chen Zifan first lost 2 innings, and then missed 1 match point, lost 2 games in a row, with 68-43, 63-9, 9-90 (84). 55-46, 38-76, 0-62, 65-45, 36-69, and 20-58 (51).

2022 Snooker Germany Masters Qualification Tournament 3rd Competition Film:

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  1. When the Zhou Yuelong British Championship lost Oshalin at 0: 6, all the long platform scored 0.So this time is not bursting, but inevitable.

  2. If Director Ding has played against the wind ball, it is even better.

  3. Zhou Yuelong urgently needed psychological coaches

  4. Zhou Yuelong should not be cold when they are out.As soon as the first game started, he made a mistake and continued to send points to his opponent.That state is just right

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