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The German Masters Zhao Xin Tong Tian Pengfei won the 4-5 defeat of 4-5 in China


Zhao Xintong 5-3 Wu Yizezawa

In the early morning of November 22, Beijing time, the first day of the 2022 Snock Germany Masters Qualifications. Among the nine Chinese players who appeared on the same day, only defending champions, top seeds Zhao Xintong and Tian Pengfei won the promotion of China Derby. Lu Haotian, Yuan Sijun, Zhang Jiankang, and Hong Kong Hong Kong player Li Junwei all lost 4-5.

The 2022 Snock Germany Masters Qualifications was held at the Barbikin Center in Yorkshire, England on November 21-26, local time. A total of 130 players participated in the 3 rounds of qualifications. In the first round, there were only 2 games, a total of 64 games in the second round, and the winner of the third round of 32 games will advance to the top 32. The main race will be held in Berlin, Germany on February 1-5, 2023. The qualifications are carried out in three periods a day, all of which adopt 9 games and 5 wins.

Including Fu Jiajun, Li Junwei, and Wu Anyi, including Hong Kong players, 27 people in China participated in the competition. Among them, no Chinese players participated in the first round of the qualification competition, and all 27 people started from the second round of the qualification competition. In addition, because Liang Wenbo was banned, his position was replaced by Zhao Jianbo.


2022 Snooker Germany Masters Qualification Tournament on the first day of full fruit

In the first day of the competition, a total of 9 Chinese players, including the defending champion and the top seed Zhao Xintong.


Zhao Xintong 5-3 Wu Yizezawa

In the first competition, the defending champion Zhao Xintong faced another Chinese player Wu Yize. During the game, Zhao Xintong’s performance was quite stable. In the first game, he blasted 57 points for a single shot, seizing 79 (57) -7. In the second game, Wu Yize equalized with 66-44. Subsequently, Zhao Xintong won 2 games with 1 shot and 60+ with 66-43 and 72 (66) -5, and he entered the midfield to rest with a large score of 3-1.

Returning to the rest, in the fifth game, Wu Yize pulled back a game with 75 (56) -39 with 1 shot. In the sixth inning, Zhao Xintong won 75-9, and the big score was the first to get the game point. In the seventh inning, Wu Yize once again played a single shot 60+ and saved 1 match point with 96 (63) -21. In the eighth game, Zhao Xintong rely on a single shot of 64 points, with 105 (64) -0 zero-sealing opponent, and the big score was advanced to the third round of the qualification competition.


Zhang Health 4-5 Tom-Fude

In another game at the same time, Zhang Health played against England Player Tom Ford. In the case of a large score of 0-3 and 2-4, Zhang Jiankang chased points one after another, and finally dragged the game into the final game. However, in the final game, Tom Ford Sheng came out. In the end, Zhang Jiankang was 4-123 (88), 0-92 (92), 22-86, 79-9, 74 (60) -24, 8-112 ( 57), 79 (54) -27, 71 (54) -36 and 33-72, the big score is 4-5, and the second victory of the individual this season is missed.


Wu Anyi 2-5 Muhammad-Ascov

In the competition against Pakistan, Wu Anyi, a female general in Hong Kong, in the game against Pakistan’s player Mohammed Astov, with 14-101 (59), 20-62, 15-79, 53-45, 8-93 (93), 74-29, 74-29, 74-29 With 9-66 (50), a large score was defeated by 2-5 and missed.


Tian Pengfei 5-2 Lei Peifan

In the second period of competition, 4 Chinese players appeared. In the second Chinese Derby that day, Tian Pengfei played very well. Although he lost a game with 41-84 first, he then played 4 shots, 60+ and 1 shot, and 93 (65) -34, 85 (81 (81) ) -0, 62 (62) -72, 64 (63) -9, 65-10, and 106 (106) -0, a large score of 5-2 defeated Lei Peifan and advanced to the third round of the qualification competition.

The other two games at the same time have the competitions of Chinese players, all of which have played the final game.


Yuan Sijun 4-5 Alan Taylor

In the match against England Alan Taylor, Yuan Sijun started with 1 shot 90+, with 1 shot 90+, 75-24 and 95 (95) -0 winning 2-0 in a row, and the big score was 2-0. Rod 50+, with 67-25, 83 (82) -0, 69 (59) -51 and 88 (77) -11 win-win 4 games, a large score of 4-2, take the lead in getting the first game point. Yuan Sijun rescued two match points with 82-34 and 54-15. However, in the decisive bureau, the Chinese teenager failed to make persistent efforts, and defeated 36-58, with a large score of 4-5, and missed the third round of the qualifications.


Li Junwei 4-5 Ken Dachdi

In the game against Irish veteran Ken Dadi, Hong Kong player Li Junwei not only failed to score a high score of more than 50+, but also won the game point with a large score of 4-2. In the end, the final 43-65, 3-105 (73), 65-58, 72-65, 61-19, 73-18, 47-64, 0-125 (75) and 0-73 (65), Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da La The score of 4-5 was reversed by Ken Dadi and stopped the second round of the qualification match.


Lu Haotian 4-5 Jack Jones

In the final game of the third period, although the Chinese player Lu Haotian broke a hundred and 1 shot 70+ with 2 shots, in the case of a large score of 0-3, he pulled 4 innings in a row.At the point of the race, but at the critical moment, he lost 2 innings in a row, and finally 52-58 (51), 8-67 (53), 4-81, 78 (78) -39, 123 (123) -0, 137(137) -0, 73-0, 1-92 (75) and 61-82, the large score was reversed by Wales player Jack Jones, and missed the third round of the qualifications.2022 Snooker Germany Masters Qualification Tournament Complete Fruit:

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