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The general trend of competition: The “Death Group” started the first round of Germany and Spain to win

Wednesday 010 World Cup German VS Japan 2022-11-23 21:00

Venue: Harry Fat International Stadium


The German team performed well in the European preliminaries. They scored 27 points in 10 games in Group J in Group J and scored 36 goals. Especially after the coach Frek took over, the team maintained a winning record in the preliminaries and successfully ranked among the Qatar World Cup finals. Compared to the last World Cup, the German team’s main lineup is now younger. Especially in the midfield, Muko, Mu Xia La and others are supernovas that have been highly hoped. After experiencing coaches and renewal, the “German Chariot” came again in the World Cup. In the first game, facing the 2018 World Cup 1/8 finals almost defeated the Belgian Japanese team. Can the German chariot be firmly opened?


Different from the preliminary preliminaries in the past few sessions, the Japanese team’s journey to the top 12 in the Asian region is not smooth. Coach Sen Bao even faced the crisis in the end of the get out of class. However, relying on the outstanding overall strength, the team finally turned to safety, and directly entered the Qatar World Cup with the second result of the group. Among the 26 -member list of the World Cup, the Japanese team occupied the vast majority of players in Europe, of which more than ten people played for the five major leagues. They are the real “foreign legions”. However, when facing the top team such as the German team, the Japanese team’s traditional ball control advantage is probably difficult to play. It may be possible to spell a miracle to avoid using defensive counterattack.

Historical record: In the past 6 games, Germany 0 wins, 1 draw and 0 losses.

Wednesday 011 World Cup Spain VS Costa Rican 2022-11-24 00:00

Venue: Abama Stadium


In the preliminaries of the European preliminaries, Spain achieved 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, ranking first with 19 points, and successfully advanced to the finals. This time, Qatar, the Spanish team was led by the Barcelona General Besutz, and Pedrich, Gaive and other stars were selected. Although there is no star smell when he dominates the world football, the new forces in the formation are enough to support the golden signboard of the “Bulberry”. In this World Cup group stage, the E group where the Spanish team is located can be called the “death group”. Spain’s first battle against Costa Rica, the latter is considered to be a relatively weak team in the group. The Bull Fighting Legion wants the group to qualify. These 3 points must be scored.

Costa Rica:

In the World Cup pre -selected Saizhou Merchants, with the goal of striker Joel Campbell, Costa Rica finally won New Zealand 1: 0 and became the last team to advance to the Qatar World Cup. According to the 26 -player list released by Costa Rica, this is an out -of -the -box civilian team. There are very few players who play in the five major leagues, and more than ten people are over 30 years old. The team aging is serious. Navas, known as the “blocking wall”, was one of the three consecutive heroes of the Real Madrid Champions League. He is currently effective in the French giant Paris Saint -Germain and is the soul of Costa Rica. The first game of the group stage encountered a strong bullfighting legion, and the team could only send the veterans and goalkeeper Navas on the defender line.

Historical record: In the last 2 games, Spain 2 wins, 0 draws and 0 losses.

(China Jingcai.com)

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