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The front page of Qilu Evening Daily: Three winning double crowns, only my Taishan

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point

Reporter Ji Yu from Chengdu on January 9

At the end of the year and early years, Chengdu has been shrouded in the fog for many days. However, the hearts of Taishan team members and fans were “clear” with a victory. On the evening of January 9, the Chinese Football Finals and the Football Association Cup finals were staged at the Phoenix Mountain Stadium in Chengdu. In the end, the Shandong Taishan team defeated Shanghai Harbor 1: 0. While the seventh time in history won the FA Cup championship, the team history was the third time the league and the cup “double champion”.

Surgery! Jadong’s goal breaks the deadlock

In the final, which side of the Taishan team or the Harbor team is more pressured? This is not a question that is too easy to give the answer. On the one hand, the Taishan team champion is in hand, only one step away from the “double champion”. On the other hand, Harbor has no crowns for many years, and they have a championship in the top of Oscar, who are currently the largest foreign aid Oscar in China.

According to the Qilu Evening News, Qilu Yiyi reporters learned that before the finals, the Taishan Club had a unified idea, that is, although it has won the championship, he still has to hit the “double champion”. After all, for most players, the poor career may not be able to make up the league and the double championship, let alone these two honors at the same time in the season.

Both teams have the idea of ​​fighting for the championship, which is destined that the game will not be bland. Taishan Jadson, Felryni, Moissez and Sun Junhao 4 foreign aid Qi Fa, Harbor also discharged Oscar+Muy’s foreign aid combination. Both sides are the strongest lineups. Which side wants to win the championship, they need to spend some effort.

During the game, there were no lack of corner balls and “small tactics” on the locations, and the Taishan team tried to gain good results through the change in the upper and second half. Every player went all out, making the battle very stuck. In the first 80 minutes, the two sides paid each other.

In the 82nd minute, “with a knife guard” Jia Delong made his magic. Zheng Zheng hit the goal of the goal. After Yan Junling launched the ball, Jia Disong welcomed the ball to make the ball, and the world waved the goal. This is the fourth goal of Jadessong’s season this season, and it is also a pen who helps the Taishan team to crowns the “double crown”.

freed! The Taishan team celebrates after the game

In just half a month, Shandong Taishan has experienced three post -match celebrations: once, one time on the 26th of last month, one was officially held on the 4th, and the other was the night of the FA Cup final. However, only when the FA Cup won the championship, all the excitement of the players was fully released.

In order not to affect the players’ match status, the club did not celebrate the scene on the night of the championship on December 26 last year. On the day of the cup on January 4, players and coaches mentioned the most in interviews when they were happy.

Until the night of the “double crown”, all pressure was finally removed. After Jadong scored a goal, the player coaches on the bench of the Taishan team poured into the sidelines and cheered and celebrated. When the final whistle sounded, the atmosphere of the club’s celebration made the venue without the audience atmosphere.

After the awards ceremony, the players took turns to hold the trophy in front of the photographer and take a photo with their teammates and honors. Wang Dalei also made a guest guest to command the shooting position of the reporters. Jodsong, who made a meritorious team, hung the medium in the Super League, China A and FA Cup championship in front of his chest, and took a close photo with the trophy.

Hao Wei, the head coach of Taishan team, who has always been low -key, also smiled. After taking a photo with the players and club staff, he did not forget to call the Shandong media friends on the stage to remember this glory moment.

warm! The empty field cannot stop the fans’ passion

Although the game has to be carried out in the field of the game, it still does not hinder the warm atmosphere of the game scene. In the past, there were only a few media reporters who went to the scene to go to the scene. However, in addition to attracting Shandong and Shanghai media, many local Sichuan media came to the scene. According to rough statistics from reporters, there are nearly 100 media personnel who came to the scene.

In addition to the media, fans outside the field also brought passion to the game. Many local fans in Sichuan came outside the game. Although no internal situation was seen outside the court, fans still cheered by the team through shouting, flags, etc. It is worth mentioning that some off -site fans made a special trip from Shandong expedition. They booked their tickets as soon as they learned that the FA Cup may open the audience. Although unable to enter the venue, I decided to come to Chengdu.

It is worth mentioning that if the Super Cup can be held this year, the two sides will be the Taishan team and the Harbor team. Some fans said that they will continue to support the team at that time.

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