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The front line is dumbfire and the top is anti -top! Bringing the knife defender to make a fortune tonight, he fights for cramps


Wang Yanchao celebrates the goal

Shanghai Shanggang away 1-1, Pupu and Red Diamonds, and regretted the disadvantages of the away goal in the two rounds. At the moment of life and death that needs to be grabbed, the front line players of Shanghai Port are collectively dumb, but just rely on the back of Wang Yichao to score the goal of recovering the face. [Suggestion is too unexpected? Big data prediction AFC Champions League Cai Lottery] [Xu Yang He Wei and other big coffee interpretations] [Download app]

In the first half of the game, Xing Xing Shensan seized the teammate’s pass and the header went through the goal of Yan Junling’s guard. This goal also put Shanghai Shanggang into a desperate situation. In the 60th minute, Lin Chuangyi threw out the ball on the right side. After the Oscar’s chest stopped the ball, he took the ball to the bottom line and sent to the back point. The Puwa defender made a mistake. Yu Hai, after the adjustment of Yu Hai’s adjustment, Wang Yanchao ghostly killed, and shot closely through the small door of Xichuan Zhou Zuo, and the Shanghai Port equalized the score, 1-1. This is the fourth goal played by Wang Yichao’s various events this season. In the AFC Champions League, Wang Yichao has also scored 3 goals. Among them, in the last round of the knockout match against the North Hyundai, Wang Yichao once scored 1 goal. Essence In the second half of 76 minutes, Wang Yichao, the 30 -year -old national guard, was cramped, but Shanghai Port has used 3 substitutions in 73 minutes. Wang Yichao insisted on playing the final game. However, in the end, this Super League giant failed to score the second goal on the way, and could only bring a score of 1-1 (total score 3-3) to regret saying goodbye to the AFC Champions League this season. After the game, Wang Yichao also felt regretful. “First of all, it is a pity. Today, I haven’t advanced to the next round, but today I think everyone has spent the last minute and kicked our morale and kicked our style. There is no promotion, but this is the way football, which shows that we still have many places that need to be improved. Let’s come again next year. “

Only by relying on the defender to barely score a goal, which also reflects the problem of poor offensive attack on the Shanghai -Hong Kong front. Puhe Red Diamond shot as many as 16 times. If it was not for the help of the beam, and Yan Junling flung the opponent several times threatened the shot, the Shanghai Shanghai Port would likely be defeated. Although there are a lot of counterattacks in Shanghai’s Shanghai Port, it is difficult for them to threaten the door of the opponent. As the only foreign aid forward for the team, Aridovic has a lot of responsibility. CCTV commentators also bluntly stated during the commentary, “After Aridovich came to the team, it has not been well integrated into the triple -guard system that was played at the beginning of the Shanghai -Hong Kong season. , Perera is also adapting to Ayau. Although he has a height of 1.92 meters, he likes to go to his feet more. “Hulk’s absence on the team’s offense has a certain impact, but from the recent game It is difficult for Erk, Ayin, and Oscar to form a joint force. They each watched a lot of offensive opportunities for their own war. In fact, this is the biggest crux of Shanghai Port.

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