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The Football Association may not be able to play in the Super League in December if the Football Association may not be able to play in December

Manuscript Source: Football News

On September 20, 2017, 54 -year -old Zhang Jindong and 59 -year -old Xu Jiayin drank the 20 billion “handed cup of wine” in Nanjing. May give up football and “halo”.

Zhang Jindong did it first. After 108 days of winning Suning, he pressed the permanent “pause” key, Zhang’s subtraction, “the level of the level, the cut should be cut”, and the first knife was cut to football- The reason is simple, the football belt does not come to interest.

What “century club”, what “fans’ blood”, and “adverse effects”, in the face of reality, capital is cold, such as abandoned grass mustard.

The impact of the championship team’s dissolution has not yet been digested, and the operating crisis of the Eight Champions League team has reached the eyes. In the near future, the Super League stopped, but the bad news of Evergrande can be tightly like one day.

Xu Jiayin entered the football circle for 5 years earlier than Zhang Jindong. He had only one billion yuan in the low position. Play like this.

Xu Jiayin and his Evergrande, like a barbarian, broke into Chinese football, internal aid, and national aid; foreign aid, high prices; foreign teachers, big names.

The Guangzhou football, which has just experienced the downgraded and gray face of the counterfeit ball, was instantly tall and ranked high for ten years.

“If you have money, you will have a woman. Take some money, hit her down, then get some money, and hit her to love me.” In “The Year of the Dragon”, Lin Dayue’s words were vulgar, but real.

There are almost no players who can resist Evergrande’s offensive. After all, Lippi, who has seen the big world, failed to resist Evergrande’s offensive.

As a result, under the Evergrande model, the Chinese Super League champion, 8; the AFC Champions League, won, 2 -this circle was once stunned, as if in the Chinese football circle, there is nothing to do in Evergrande. The reason is simple. Because Xu Jiayin is not only rich, but also has a “identity” -the important moment of Evergrande football, Xu Jiayin has to go to the scene to watch the ball. Sometimes the AFC Champions League goes away, and even use private planes. And watching the ball with him is either a political person or a businessman.

If someone said at the time, Evergrande, including Evergrande football, may not be able to do it for a day, it is estimated that there will be 1,10 million saliva, and it is on his face.

But now, the crisis is really coming, the specific situation of Evergrande’s parent company, professional financial media have analyzed, and Xu Jiayin’s “Mid -Autumn Festival letter” also acknowledged that “the company encountered unprecedented huge difficulties” and was in a dark moment.

Where does Evergrande go? It ’s not that the football circle is concerned. Where does Evergrande football go? The focus of the football circle.

In the past ten years, Evergrande football, not to mention the facade of Chinese football, but also a shame -inside is all kinds of unbearable national names.

Now, this cloth is also to be pulled out.

Evergrande, who has renamed the Guangzhou team, has been postponed several times. At present, they are destined to be the last of the 16th teams of the Super League. The premise is that they can continue -it is said that the Football Association and the League Managers have received Evergrande’s “early warning”: it is not ruled out that the possibility of the Super League cannot be played in December.

There is a meaning of multiple meanings. Some people think that the possibility of not playing is not much. After all, the previous budget has been made, and it has also been on the club account. Moreover, it is different from that of Suning’s “stop operation” for several months. It is issued normally; some people believe that Evergrande wants to return to the “adjustment fee” that previously paid. After all, the club has not experienced the end of the book for so many years. It is nothing wrong.

Regarding football, Evergrande has multiple choices. One of the most worrieds of people is to imitate Suning, regardless of whether they care about it.

Suning withdrew as the Chinese Super League champion, and had dropped a thunder in Chinese football. What was blown up was the hypocritical “bold words”; if the Chinese Super League was exited again, it was a atomic bomb and exploded. The “belief” of people may have the last image of Chinese football. Recently, even Vietnam, Japan, and South Korean media are paying attention to the impact of the eight -crowns once disbanded on the national team’s naturalized players.

In the “Mid -Autumn Festival letter”, Xu Jiayin hopes that all employees will submit a “dare to take responsibility and responsible answer sheet” in the future. The object is buyers, investors, partners and financial institutions.

For football, Evergrande should also be the same. After all, this is the last decentness of Xu Jiayin on football. Compared with the eight league championships and the two AFC Champions League championships, we really have to say goodbye, and the decent ending is more valuable.

“Go all out to fulfill our social responsibility,” hoping that Boss Xu would not talk about it.

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