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The Football Association Cup Seed Plan Enter Dayi — bring happy football to children in the mountains

In the winter, the Dayi Xieyuan Town was “silver -wrapped”. This is the “first town of entering the mountains” to Xiling Snow Mountain. The Yanjing Beer 2021 China Football Association Cup “Seed Plan” entered the campus charity event and sent football and happiness to children in the mountains.

The oblique primary school of only 79 students, because of the arrival of the public welfare team, the entire school became lively. The FA Cup Organizing Committee specially invited Chengdu Rongcheng player Hu Yongfa, the Chengdu Football Association U20 echelon player Wang Hao, and the coach of the Chengdu Football Echelon Ruan Ruofei to interact with the children to convey the positive energy of sports.

“When do you start playing football”, “Who do you like”, “How many goals have you scored” … In the “Dream Classroom” at the school, in a class of unique class meetings, the children threw the problem to the uncle We. The conversation between them has football, learning, and dreams. Ruan Ruofei explained the basic characteristics of five pairs of five football to the children; Hu Yongfa as a defender taught the children how to entangle each other’s forward on the court; Wang Hao told his experience in studying in France and Belgium …

“We also fell in love with playing in elementary school, and were selected into the district county team, city team, provincial team, and finally kicked the national name …” The uncle encouraged the children, “football will bring you happiness to you It will make you more confident, brave, and united! “The principal and teacher believe that such activities are very rare for the school.” Football is also part of education, which can improve children’s comprehensive quality, allow them to grow happily and benefit life for life. “,”

The sponsor of the event donated a football to every child in the school, and the players and coaches also played football games with the children on the hard playground. The sky is very cold, and the children’s small faces are flushed, but they are always close to the players and coaches, with a pair of pure and great eyes, looking forward to drawing more knowledge and stories about football. In this very meaningful afternoon, even if there were no formal venues, they still ran happily on the slippery playground. A first -year little girl fell twice in a row with the ball, but the cute smile was even more brilliant.

After the event, the children carefully scrubbed the mud on the ball, carefully wrote their names, and put them neatly under the desk. A football.

After school, the children who lived in the school came to the playground with their beloved football again. Although the winter was dark and cold, the children of the fourth and fifth grades were still playing on the small fucking field. Small games. The teachers on duty kept instructing, pay attention to safety, wear more! But the children were still running in the twilight, laughing and shouting: Kicking is not cold!

79 football, a class meeting, and a game may not be able to open a new world for them, but the children’s happy smiles are the meaning of this public welfare activity. In fact, they also planted their dreams in their hearts. Seed.

The Chinese Football Association Cup, which has gone through the 65 -year history, has become popular with the concept of “national football”. It has also made useful attempts and explorations in popularizing football and carried out public welfare football. The “Seed Plan” of the Yanjing Brewery Football Association was officially launched in 2014. Each game donated football to several schools in the home area. Now it has donated more than 43,000 football, and a total of more than 2,000 schools in the country benefited from it …

This year’s FA Cup final comes to Chengdu and will be staged on January 9th in the professional football field of Phoenix Sports Park. The children may not be able to go to the scene, but the company with football has spent a happy afternoon. I sincerely hope that they can always run, jump, shout, and enjoy their happy childhood!

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  1. This is the future and hope of Chinese football!Children in the mountain village have ball kicks and shoes.

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