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The fishingman is stormy and rainless.

The road is so wide. They stand on the bank of the river to fish, no matter how they stand, they will affect the past. Recently, some citizens reported that many citizens on the Leshan Central City area Leshan Yishan Minjiang Road and Binjiang Road stood on the bank of the river to fish for fishing. It was very dangerous to watch.

On the 7th, 8th, and 9th, the reporter came to the interview near Binjiang Road and Leshan Minjiang 1 Bridge. In the first area of ​​Wang Hao’er to Leshan’s Minjiang River, you can see the citizens who are fishing fishing. Most of them are middle -aged and elderly people. Each person occupies a distance of 2 to 3 meters on the river bank. From time to time, one of the fishing rods is lifted to fish. These people are mainly concentrated on the bank of Binjiang Road outside Zhijiang Road. The reporter saw at the scene that from time to time, someone on Binjiang Road passed by the fisherman. Every time he passed, passers -by consciously stayed away from the fisherman and worried that he encountered the other party.

“I often see someone fishing on the rod on Binjiang Road. Every time when the rod is dumped, in order to throw the fishing rod to the right position, they are all riveting and pulling the fishing rods and fish lines. Very scary. “Mr. Wang, a citizen, told reporters,” Every time I encounter this situation, I have to avoid the long distance, or stand in place and wait for them to pass the pole and pass it. “

Mr. Wang told reporters that these fishermen came to fish on Binjiang Road, which was almost windy and rainy. Sometimes it rained, everyone was busy avoiding the rain, but the fisherman did not panic and took out the fishing gear, and then continued to fish. On the evening of the 9th, the rain was rained under the central city of Leshan. There were very few people on Binjiang Road, but on Binjiang Road under the Binjiang Road under the bridge of the Laoshan Minjiang River, there was an old man fishing in the river with an umbrella.

The phenomenon of fishing on the bank of the Minjiang River has a long history in Leshan Central City. In the past few years, every afternoon and evening, many people who dumped poles on Binjiang Road and Binhe Road also developed to fish on the one bridge of Leshan Minjiang, which also caused some accidents.

In the investigation and interview, the reporter found that the phenomenon of fishing on the one -bridge of Leshan Laoshan Laoshan Laoshan Laoshan Laoshan, which was temporarily disappeared during the day. On the bridge surface railings, you can also see the ban on fishing produced by the relevant departments. It is forbidden to fish, fishing and other behaviors on the bridge. “

However, in the evening, some fishermen secretly came to the Yishan Minjiang River Bridge to fish for fishing. At 9 o’clock in the evening on the 10th, the reporter saw several people standing on the sidewalk on the sidewalk on the Bridge of Leshan. Next to them, the prohibited fishing reminder posted by the relevant departments.

“After rectification from the relevant departments, the phenomenon of fishing on the Minjiang Channel has decreased, but some people still risk and fish on the bridge and Binjiang Road.” Citizen Zhang Fengwei told reporters that “the danger of fishing on the bridge on the bridge of Leshan, everyone has aware of the purpose . There are so many green plants on Binjiang Road, and those who dump the rods do not pay attention, the fish line may be wrapped in green plants when they are thrown. It may cause an accident. “He hoped that the relevant departments would rectify the phenomenon of fishing on the Yishan Minjiang River Bridge, Binjiang Road, and Binhe Road.

“Fishing is a way of leisure and entertainment, but there are great hidden safety hazards in the rods in the channel. Besides, there are still many people in the urban area, and there are many people.” Zhang Fengwei said, “It’s time to keep this behavior away from us.” ( Reporter Luo Xi)

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