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The first victory over 25 years!Jazz crazy chase sent the Warriors away 11th defeat away

On December 8th, Beijing time, the Golden State Warriors challenged the Jazz. At the last moment of the game, the Warriors encountered the opponent’s reversal and eventually lost to the opponent 123 to 124.

After losing this game, the Warriors’ away records came to 2 wins and 11 losses. With the winning rate of 50%, the out -of -the -scene winning rate of the defending champion was 15.4%.

Data statistics show that in the past 25 seasons, the Jazz has a record of 0 wins and 718 losses in the last 10 seconds of the last quarter.After this game, they won the Golden State Warriors, and the record came to 1 win and 718 losses.

12 seconds before the end of the game today, the Warriors led 4 points with 123 to 119, but in the end, the Jazz scored 5 points in a row and killed the defending champion.

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  1. 2/11 =?

  2. Maca did not go on

  3. I watched it in the last few seconds, I go, so I can lose?

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    SkyalsoUser6931805769 12月 9, 2022 at 2:41 上午

    Do the ball as soon as possible, what ball of this goods?IntersectionWho is blame

  5. In the last 6 seconds, Pur hugged the ball and would not be killed by stealing!

  6. Pur is difficult to make a big time!Brother without mouth is completely unbound!Blind!

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