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The first section of Ahan Tongshan Cup Li Qincheng: 90 points for himself to perform this year

On December 16th, the 23rd Ahan · Tongshan Cup China Go Fast Chess Finals Finals in the theme park of Danghu Ten in Pinghu, Zhejiang Province; after 219 hands, Li Qincheng defeated Shel Hao in the middle and crowned Ahan Tongshan for the first time.Cup.After the game, Li Qincheng was interviewed. The following is the interview.

Reporter: First, congratulations to winning the championship today, and I would like to ask you to review this game today.

Li Qincheng: In fact, it should not be much worse at the beginning, but I have a lot of money on the left, and then there is no very good in the middle. There are a few steps for the promotion of the following courses. In the end, it was very lucky to win.

Reporter: You and Heerhao’s historical record are also very good. The official game is 5 wins and 1 defeat.Want to ask what experience do you have to Shero?

Li Qincheng: There is no. In fact, a lot of chess is in the five wins, and it is almost the same recent.And I lost to him this year’s CCTV; even if this game of chess feels today, it will win “losing chess”, so I should not have any experience.

Reporter: You will participate in the China -Japan Ahan championship tomorrow. Do you have any research on his opponent Hirata Hirami?

Li Qincheng: I lost to him in a exchange match before.The opponent is still very strong, so I will go all out to fight.

Reporter: Tomorrow is also the last game of this year, and then this year’s basically official game is coming soon. I want to ask you to make a evaluation of your performance this year. If you have a score of 100 points, how much do you give yourself?

Li Qincheng: You should be able to score 90 points.

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  1. Little guy, strive to make greater progress

  2. The requirements for yourself are too low, it is too low to ask yourself, it is too low to ask yourself, it is too low to ask yourself, it is too low to ask yourself, it is too low to ask for yourself.No pursuit.

  3. He believes that the full score is only 1000 points.

  4. Affirmation of grades, the positioning of ability

  5. Cui Dazhuang won the Samsung runner -up, and it was so humble. When he made a small result, his tail was up to heaven.

  6. Only after winning Xiao Shen can the performance be over 90 points.

  7. The nest is 90 points [Yun Bei]

  8. A fast chess champion will score 90 points. If you win Xiao Shen like Yang Dingxin, you will be afraid to score thousands of points.

  9. 90 points are too high!There are no achievements in the world competition!

  10. The division is high, and the results of international competitions are good.

  11. The most want to see Lian Xiao, Li Qincheng, Tong Mengcheng, Huang Yunsong won the world championship cocoon and become a butterfly.come on!

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