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The first person of Tu Shuai!Hao Wei’s crowned dual -crowned tutor’s emotional quotient is too changing

On January 9th, the Phoenix Mountain Stadium in Chengdu, with a world wave in the 82nd minute of foreign aid Jia Delong, defeated Shanghai Harbor 1: 0 in Taishan team in Shandong, held the 7th FA Cup trophy in the team history, and won the league for the third time. , The Football Association Cup “Double Crown”.

In this way, coach Hao Wei also became the first local coach to win the “double crown”.

Tu Shuai who tastes “double crowns”

For the head coach of the Taishan team, the Crown of the Football Association cup has special significance. He became the third instructor to win the league and cup championship in the same season after Satrachi and Twakkovich.

At the same time, he also became the first local coach to win the “double crown”.

From the opening of the Chinese Football League to the FA Cup finals, a total of 6 seasons have produced the “Double Crown” team. They are Taishan, Shandong in the 1999 and 2006 season, Dalian Shide in the 2001 season and 2005 season, and the Guangzhou team in the 2012 and 2016 season. “Double Crown” has also become a powerful portrayal of a team’s germ.

However, under the aura, it is the embarrassment of the local coach: the founder of the first six times of the “double crown”, without exception, was a foreign coach. Until the Taishan team defeated the harbor, Hao Wei finally ended the monopoly of “foreign handsome”.

Since taking over the Taishan team in early October 2020, Hao Wei has led the team to win three championships. In December 2020, the Taishan team defeated the Jiangsu team 2: 0 in the Football Association Cup finals and held the 6th FA Cup trophy. On December 26, 2021, the Taishan team defeated Hebei 2-0 to lock the league championship in advance. In fact, since then, Hao Wei has become the first local coach to lead the league and cup championship.

Emotional master

The FA Cup came all the way, Hao Wei not only reflects the pragmatic and humble of a local coach, but also shows the technical and tactical literacy of an excellent coach. After the game, Hao Wei always thanked the players and fans, and for the team’s mistakes, he often took over responsibility.

Until the FA Cup final, Hao Wei was still very cautious about the game. At the press conference before the FA Cup, when some media asked what was the mood of the team in 1999, Hao Wei said, “The game has not ended, so you don’t need to say more.”

This is also a consistent attitude when he talked about the “championship” problem.

Hao Wei’s attitude is a protection of players. After winning the league, whether it is coaches or players, excitement is inevitable. At this time, the outside world will undoubtedly make it difficult for players to sink. Hao Wei’s statement was a “sedative” to the outside world and players. This has become a key factor for players to stabilize their mentality.

Master tactical master

In the Battle and Preparation of the Football Association Cup, Hao Wei also reflected the tactical literacy that an excellent coach should have.

In the previous FA Cup knockout match, the Taishan team rely on the adjustment of the lineup and the changes in the position of some players under the absence of multiple national football players and the injured of the main players, and advanced to the final.

The final preparations for the Taishan team have begun since the league’s first match against seaport. In that game, Hao Wei put out the unusual three -middle -sized lineup, disrupting the deployment of the Harbor team in the game, and also put a “smoke bomb” for the final to make the other party more difficult to understand his tactics.

In the last three rounds of the league, Hao Wei rotated through the scientific lineup. While ensuring the rest time of the main players, he also broadened the employment of the finals: these all laid a solid foundation for the victory of the final.

Until the finals, in the first half of the case, the opponent was “targeted” and the scene was backward, Hao Wei was boldly replaced in the midfield, and Qi Tianyu and Jin Jingdao replaced Liu Yang and Xu Xin, reversing the decline in one fell swoop.

For a long time, Tu Shuai was not favored in the Super League. Under the ebb and epidemic restrictions of Jinyuan football, the natives behind the scenes have obtained more and more opportunities to show themselves. New beginning.

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point

Reporter Ji Yu from Chengdu on January 9

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    Wearegoodfortheyearofthecattle 11月 16, 2022 at 8:56 上午

    Hao Wei is good [like] [praise] [praise] [come on] [come on], bless Hao Wei and his players to achieve excellent results in the AFC Champions League! Taishan refueling [Come on] [Come on]

  2. Cheng Wang defeated, Hao Wei shit is fragrant. Next year, Hao Wei will be beaten back to the prototype.

  3. The pride of the people of Zibo! The pride of the Shandong people!

  4. The first stage of the league was a semi -foreign aid also caught up with Hao Wei. How about the results?

  5. Three stick pits are more than Delgado, but also directly lead to the gap between Gothic and the club. The relationship has always stumbled.

  6. Step on your double crown! Cool!

  7. The outstanding representative of the Zibo people ~ Hao Wei!

  8. My mother -in -law and Real Madrid played the Super League.

  9. Hao Wei has brought too much change to Taishan! This is obvious to all. It is not only a long passage of tactics, not only the sideline pass, but also paying attention to the control of the ball. pay! Intersection

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