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The first encounter between Jin Zhuheng and Woods was too wonderful to meet in the toilet


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On January 6, Beijing time, when South Korea’s 20-year-old player Kim Chori went to Bahamas to participate in the Hero World Challenge last month, he had a long meeting with his golf idol Taggs.Their first encounter is also unforgettable.

Kim Zhuheng was 7 years old and lived in Australia.In November 2009, Woods went to Melbourne to participate in the Australian Masters.Kingston Heath’s Kingston Heath has poured into about 25,000 audiences, and the atmosphere is not much inferior to Grand Slam.

“He walked towards the toilet. I was wearing a ‘tw’ hat. The hat was too big, because my head was relatively small at that time, so it was not suitable,” Jin Zhuheng said. “At that time he walked 3 feet in front of me.I yelled: ‘Come on tiger.’ He pulled the brim and entered the toilet.

“That’s my first communication with him.”

Jin Zhuheng said that the fans began to rush to the toilet and wait for Woods to come out.In any case, Korean children did not follow Woods.

“I want to give him a little private space,” he said.

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