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The first duplex of the lottery player in the two -color ball 10.22 million bonuses to get married to the son


Winning lottery

“Hello, is it the blessing office of the Fucai Center? The lottery I bought seems to win the prize. I want to check it out first.”

On the afternoon of November 21, the Provincial Fucai Center redeemed a call.

The next day, on the morning of November 22, Mr. Wen (Hua surname) took his family and three people to the Provincial Fucai Center to redeem the prize. Mr. Wen is the winner of the 2022133 Awards on November 20. He won the first prize and first prize of the first prize, with a total bonus of 10.22 million yuan.

Mr. Wen, who is nearly 60 years old in the countryside, is currently doing security in a mall in Wuhan.

Mr. Wen has always liked to play lottery for many years, but the gameplay has always been very simple, and he only played single betting. He said, “This is the first time I have played with a reciprocating bet.”

Recently, the two -color ball is currently on the 1.2 billion yuan award, and Hubei Province has launched a 5 million duplex betting ticket.

After seeing the news, Mr. Wen was excited. A few days ago, he asked the salesperson to ask the salesperson to ask a duplex betting method.

The salesman guidance explained for a long time, and Mr. Wen did not understand, so the salesman briefly summarized: “You choose 9 red ball numbers, another blue ball number, and play it on a lottery. “

After lunch on November 20, Mr. Wen remembered the lottery, and wrote 9 red ball numbers and 1 blue ball number on the paper according to the method said by the salesperson. At about 2 pm, on the way to work, he made betting.

At about 10 o’clock that night, Mr. Wen checked the results of the lottery and found his 9 + 1 duplex ticket, including all the lottery numbers.

“Is this the winning?” Mr. Wen dare not confirm. He kept thinking about his lottery, but he didn’t know who to ask.

After finally the next afternoon, his son and daughter -in -law went home. Mr. Wen took out the lottery, but he did not expect his son and daughter -in -law to understand.

Everyone is sincere, for a long time. In the end, the son said, “Let’s ask the Fucai Center to ask?” So, there was the phone call at the beginning of this article.

At the scene of the prize, Mr. Wen said excitedly: “I really want to thank the welfare lottery. I won more than 10 million awards and solved many difficult things in our family.”

He said with his fingers, first, he was going to pay off the mortgage for his son and daughter in advance to reduce the economic burden of his children. Second, he prepares his son and daughter -in -law to put the matter of having children on the agenda. Third, the bonus solves the problem of his own old age. (Hubei Fucai)

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