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The first disabled international chess Olympic Sai Laptain Belgrade

The International Chess Federation announced on the official website on January 6 that the Serbian capital Belgrade will host the first disabled international chess Olympic group competition from January 29 to February 5, 2023 (referred to as “Disabled Olympics”).

Last year, the International Chess Federation was originally scheduled to be in the Qinnai International Chess Olympics, and held the first international chess player of the disabled, but later canceled it for some reason.This year, the disabled Olympics resumed.

A total of 30 teams of the disabled Olympics participated in the competition, and there were four sets in the competition.Among the 30 teams, 27 teams are selected according to the level, and the chairman of the International Chess Federation can nominate up to four teams.If the number of participating teams is strange, the host association (Serbia) can send a second team to participate.

Each team is composed of four players, which can include hearing obstacles, chess players and vision disorders.Each team should include at least two chess players.It is recommended that each team contains a female chess player.

The competition is six rounds of Swiss.The time is: the first time limit is 40 steps per square meter, and the second time limit is dry for 30 minutes.From the first round, each game of chess will take 30 seconds for each step.

The competition is determined by the field score.If the venue is the same, the comparison of the bureau, the Sauber, the opponent’s bureau, etc. in turn.The second prize is determined by the performance of the players.

In addition, the game will also set up special prizes for hearing impairment, physical disorders, visual obstacles, female chess players, young players, and old players.The competition will also award the best award and the best performance award.

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